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Man Demands Airline Crew To Kneel And Apologize For Flight Delay Due To Bad Weather

“You must represent your company and apologize to us. Kneeling shows sincerity.”

  • A flight from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen was delayed due to bad weather.
  • One passenger was furious with the situation.
  • The man demanded the staff to kneel and apologize.
  • Netizens are enraged at the passenger’s behavior.

Flight delays are very annoying but they are unavoidable, especially if the weather is bad. Although we get upset when it happens, especially when you really needed to be in your destination as soon as possible, we normally remain quiet because we know that there’s really nothing we or the staff can do about it.

However, one passenger from China was not too happy with the delay that he demanded the airline staff to kneel and apologize. The male passenger, whose name remains unknown, and several others were waiting to get on the plane for a flight from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen in China.

In the footage the passenger can be heard saying, “You should kneel and apologize to us!” To which the ground crew politely responded, “I am a member of the staff. I do carry out my responsibilities. But there is no need for you to humiliate me.”

But the furious man wouldn’t accept the staff’s response and urged him to get on his knees and say sorry.

Still, he demanded that the employee must represent the company by apologizing and kneeling will “show sincerity.”

Knowing that the delay is beyond the staff’s control, other passengers intervened and said there was no need for him to apologize. One passenger can be heard asking, “What good would apologizing do?”

Meanwhile, a customer service representative verified that that the two planes from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen scheduled for the day had been delayed because of the poor weather.

Flight PN6311 was delayed for almost 1 hour while flight PN6322 was delayed for around 4 1/2 hours and only took off the following day at 2:30 AM.

Watch the video here:

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