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Man Claims He Has Energy Force Field to Shield Punches So an MMA Fighter Challenges Him

He calls himself an “Energy Field Master”.






Claims about psychic defenses aren’t taken that seriously, largely because it wouldn’t work for the common person. Believing it is one thing; expecting it to save you in times of legitimate physical harm is another. This is why governments do not invest their resources in this field and this is definitely understandable. Still, there are always people who take science for granted and believe that psychic defenses actually work, like this man right here.

He claims to be an energy field master and says that his abilities can shield him from any type of harm. So MMA fighter Alexandr Litvinenko agreed to test him by putting a live demonstration. It was agreed upon that Litvinenko will only throw mock punches which the master will block using his energy field.

The ‘master’ was definitely not the humble type.

After the first bunch of punches from Litvinenko, the master slapped the fighter, which was rather cocky of him especially when it was followed by a little smirk.

This flustered Litvinenko and decided to debunk the master’s claimed power.

He does a second bunch of punches and managed to break through to land a solid uppercut on the master.

Visibly shaken, the master arranged himself and received a third bunch of punches which ended with another solid punch landing on his face.

Well, this clearly didn’t go well for the master. His ‘powers’ were clearly debunked by an MMA fighter.

Watch how it all happened here:

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10 Things You Can Legally Do If You Are in the Right Country

Here are some crazy, hilarious, and unbelievable things you may get away with, depending on where you are.

Jamie Casadores



Most people hate rules. It is somehow restrictive which is understandable because they exist to keep things in control and make us safe.

However, the following set of laws from different countries got us scratching our heads. In a conventional society, some of these rules could actually get you arrested!

Take for example, stealing an artwork. In the Netherlands, if you stole an artwork, you can legally sell it as your own, but there’s a catch! You need to wait for twenty years after your art heist. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, you can get away with murdering your cheating husband- with your bare hands! We’re quite sure with the right knowledge of jujitsu and choke points, it is actually possible.

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Barber Shop With Half-Naked “Hair Stylists” Becomes an Instant Hit Among Men

The female hairstylists left very little to the imagination.

Mark Andrew



In the past, we’ve shared with you some very interesting barber-related stories. For instance, we’ve written about that good barber who generously gave free haircuts to homeless people. More recently, we’ve also posted those hilarious “say no more” barber memes that made everyone of us laugh.

This time, we’re going to tell you about Old Boy, a salon in Oskemen, Kazakhstan that recently found a way to generate a lot of attention among new and existing customers.

The barber shop recently received viral fame on the internet after photos showing stunning and sexy hairdresses surfaced on social media.

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Guy Gets Locked Out of Hotel Room and Takes the Worst Walk of Shame Ever

Having a bad day? Be grateful that you are not this guy!

Mich Escultura



In a series of events you thought you'd only see in comdey movies, this guy got locked out of his room while he's stark naked. And while you may feel some semblance of pity for the guy, it's hard not to laugh at how ridiculous his situation was.

At the start of the video, the man can be seen peeking out of his hotel room to see if no one is around. Afterwards, he walks out naked with a tray of dishes and puts it down on the hallway. Unfortunately, he failed to account for the fact that his hotel room door closes and locks automatically.

The moment he realized that there's no turning back from here.

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