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A Confident Man Challenge Gaston to a Contest of Strength. The Result? How Embarrassing!





This playful young man was rambling around Disney World and, it seems that, he is a bit haughty too. So he tried to dare the burly Gaston to a manly push-up contest. In case you forgot, Gaston is the rude and conceited villain of the Disney film, Beauty and the Beast.

I guess, since Gaston was characterized as a rude antagonist on the Disney film,  people are quite interested to confront him to test his strength. As you can see in the video, the kid has the guts to challenge Gaston and what happened next? The result was hilarious.

Watch the comical contest of strength:

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Now that guy would have realized his big mistake of challenging the muscular Gaston. He got what he asked for.

Bonus: Little Girl Puts Gaston In His Place

In this cute video, YouTube user JonasAlmostFamous claims she captured a little girl named Isabella putting the male chauvinist Gaston in his place.

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I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to play Gaston. Having to be a jerk… without actually being a jerk. He did a really great job. I don’t even think I would even have the guts to say women belong to the kitchen in character who is such a misogynistic pig even though I get paid to say that. A lot of online viewers think that the actor who played Gatson needs a salary raise from Disney for doing such a perfect villain job. He could’ve easily done his job and moved on but instead he made the Disney experience so wonderful that no ride could’ve ever done. Cheers to that Gaston!

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