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Man Accidentally Spills £30,000 Champagne on a Night Club Floor in Ibiza

He didn’t even had the chance to take a damn sip.


£30,000 ($42,510) is a lot of money. The thought of spending that much for an alcoholic drink is nuts, but some people do really splurge. But you know what’s even more cringe-worthy? It’s spilling that oh-so-expensive drink all over the floor without even having the chance to take a damn sip.

So this rich dude right here was having a shining moment in a hot club in Ibiza, holding a bottle of Magnum. Now Magnums come in really large bottles and only sold in high-end nightclubs, hence the price tag.

All eyes were on this man, who looks dapper wearing a blue suit and about to open a bottle of obscenely-pricey champagne.

He was clearly struggling to uncork the bottle and lost grip on it, letting the bottle slip to the floor dramatically.

Everyone gasped when the thing crashed, spilling the liquid gold all over the night club floor. Some people attempted to save the bottle on reflex, but it was too late. The champagne was all over the floor before anyone even got the chance to savor it.

What makes it even worse is that his suit was all drenched with £30,000 champagne.

It was not clear whether he paid for it, but it doesn’t matter.

As expected, the man got roasted on the comments section.

Now you may be wondering why on Earth are Magnum bottles so expensive? A bottle of Magnum holds the equivalent quantity of two regular bottles, but it still cost much more than twice the standard price.

According to Goodtaste magazine:

“Firstly, the actual bottle costs more than double the price of a 750ml bottle to produce. But the real value of a magnum (or larger bottle) is that the wine in it will mature much more slowly than the wine in smaller bottles. This is because the cork in a magnum is about the same size as that of a regular bottle, so there is relatively far less surface area in the magnum, hence less oxidation as it ages.

“Wine producers normally use magnums only for their very best wines and those they feel will benefit from a long maturation period. You won’t find an everyday plonk in a magnum. When you bid for a magnum at auction, you know the winemaker regards it as special and that it will probably last a long time and mature into a very special drink. Magnums are usually bought to be laid down for an important occasion. Buyers are obviously more willing to pay higher prices for something special.”

Watch this to see how it all happened:

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