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7 Effective Magic Eraser Tricks That Make Cleaning Much Easier





Perhaps one of the greatest struggles for parents, especially mothers, apart from raising their children, is cleaning up after them. Come to think of it: cleaning up in general, is a real struggle for most of us. To provide the necessary help that we all need, the Magic Eraser was given to us.

If you are not familiar with the Magic Eraser, it is a white sponge that quickly cuts through grease, dirt, and other unwanted messes. Here are 7 lesser-known uses of the Magic Eraser that will make you love it even more.

#1. No to Red Stains on Tupperware

Source: PopSugar

Do you like the convenience and economy of bringing your own packed lunch to work or school, but hate the red stains afterwards? Worry no more. The Magic Eraser easily takes care of those stubborn stains on Tupperware!

#2. Magic Eraser is a Literal Eraser

Source: PopSugar

This eraser is not just for the kitchen and the bathroom, you can also use it for office! The Magic Eraser is also good for cleaning up dry erase boards. Use it to clean the charts and start your board fresh!

#3. Kicking Dirt Off Your Kicks

Source: PopSugar

The Magic Eraser also works well in cleaning dirty shoes! Just rub the foam on your kicks and give new life to your dirty old sneakers.

#4. Scary Oven Stains

Source: PopSugar

The oven is perhaps the most terrifying thing to clean in the kitchen. Believe it or not, those dark stains and grimy matter is an easy clean for the Magic Eraser. Try it and see for yourselves!

#5. Cleaning the Clothing

Source: PopSugar

While the Magic Eraser is tough on tough stains, it is also gentle on more delicate cleaning chores. If you are looking for something to use on your clothing stains, the Magic Eraser can do the job for you!

#6. Un-labeling Labeled Glass Bottles

Source: PopSugar

Want to recycle glass bottles but the labels are ruining your plans? Use the Magic Eraser to easily un-label those labeled glass bottles.

#7. Fast Cleaner of Slow-cookers

Source: PopSugar

While the slow-cooker provides excellent convenience in cooking, it is definitely a big burden for cleaning. Well you can just scrub those stains away using this amazing sponge.

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