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Lucky Chinese Guy Survives 25 Years Unknowingly Cracking Nuts With Hand Grenade

For 25 years , he played “Russian Roulette” everyday without any knowledge.

Ignorance is bliss, they say. It could be true at certain situations but not when you’re playing with an item that can blow you to bits. Take the case of this man in China, who was using this odd-looking tool to crack walnuts. He’s been doing so for 25 YEARS.

Literally putting his life in his hands for 25 years…

Looks harmless, you say? Well he realized it was entirely the opposite when he was handed a safety leaflet by the police in his home province of Ankang in Shaanxi. He found out that the mysterious object he was using was actually a hand grenade. See, the leaflet contained a list of objects that were illegal to possess. He saw one that looks exactly like the one he was using to crack nuts.


According to reports, the grenade was given to the man by a friend as a gift. Fortunately, it didn’t detonate during all those years of hitting nuts. The police were not sure whether the tool still contained explosives during that time.

I’m sure he will now invest in a legit nut cracker after the shocking discovery.

Naturally, you would wonder why his friend will give him such a dangerous gift. Was there an intent to harm the man or was the friend just as clueless as he is? Thankfully, the police took custody of the hand grenade, leaving the man looking for another way to crack his nuts.

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