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Lonely Husky Escapes Owner’s Yard To Hug Labrador Retriever Best Friend




  • A lonely husky managed to escape when his owner left the gate open.
  • However, instead of running away, the dog went up to his neighbor’s house where his best friend lives.
  • The two dogs have only been communicating through barks but they hugged over the fence when they finally met.

Some friends are always there for us no matter what. One Labrador Retriever has been comforting a lonely husky whenever the husky’s owner goes away for work. When the husky finally had the chance to escape his owner’s yard, he immediately ran to his best friend and hugged him over the fence.

Messy the Labrador Retriever lives with his owner Oranit Kittragul in Thailand. One of their neighbors has a husky named Audi who is usually left alone when his owner leaves for work. The lonely Audi would cry until Kittragul lets Messy bark to him as if trying to comfort the husky. Audi would then quiet down knowing that his best friend is just around the corner.

Meet Messy, the sweet Labrador who always comforts his lonely best friend Audi.

The two best friends would only be able to communicate through barks until Audi’s owner somehow forgot to secure their gate. The husky didn’t waste any time and immediately escaped from the yard to run up to Kittragul’s fence. Messy immediately met Audi at the fence where the two dogs hugged each other.

This is the first meeting between the two dogs.

Luckily, Kittragul was there to witness the first meeting between the long-distance best friends. She immediately took photos and shared their story on social media.

The friends were so happy to be together at last.

Audi had every chance to run away when his owners left the gate open. However, he happens to be a very good dog and immediately went back to his home after staying with Messy for a while. Perhaps Audi figured he could keep calling out to his best friend in the near future.

Messy continues to comfort Audi when his friend is feeling lonely.

Messy and Audi have yet to meet again but people are certainly hoping that the best friends will soon have time to play and have fun together.