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Live Fish Gets Stuck in Boy’s Ear




  • The boy was skimboarding with his friends when he fell into the water filled with the little fish.
  • The neighbors rushed into the boy’s house when they heard about the incident.
  • The boy’s father managed to remove the fish from his son’s ear, using a metal tool.

One of the houses in Davao City in the Philippines was in an uproar. A kid is sitting on a bench, shaking with fear. The neighbors have come over the house to take a look at the child, specifically his ear.

Because right there, the tail part of a small fish can be seen protruding from the kid’s ear canal.

It was lodged so deep and the people in the household didn’t know what to do.

But how did it get there? The kid, who was identified as Noe, was skimboarding with the other kids near the shore. Noe fell into the water, an area which happens to be filled with these little fishes called Ibis.

One of those managed to get into Noe’s ear.

The boy went straight home and took a shower. He still felt something in his ear, so he asked his grandmother to take a look. That’s when they confirmed that there was indeed a fish stuck in the boy’s ear canal.

The neighbors got wind of the story and rushed to the boy’s house to see for themselves. At this point, Noe was already terrified.
The neighbors even teased him because he already looked so shaken, with the fish still stuck in his ear.

Later on, Noe’s father got home and took a look at his son’s ear. He suggested that they take him to the clinic to have the fish removed.

The grandmother told him that they just try to take it out right there instead, because they can’t afford to pay for medical help at that moment.
So armed with a tool resembling a little plyer, which is used to remove fish bones, the father slowly and carefully removed the fish from the boy’s ear.
It took them an hour before they managed to dislodge the fish.

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In the interview, Noe said that the pain went right away after the fish was pulled out, although it was still itchy. His family put some medicine on it, which solved the problem.

With the help of a local news station, Noe was taken to the health center to have his ear checked out.

Thankfully, the doctors didn’t see anything wrong with Noe’s ear.

This type of incident is quite common in their seaside area, according to the fishermen.

One of them told his own encounter with the fish, which also got lodged in his ear.
Unlike Noe, the problem was solved right then and there – they also used a tool to try pull out the fish from the man’s ear.

When it didn’t work, the fisherman suggested that they squash the fish using the tool, so it will loosen up and can be removed from his ear.

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