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What This Little Girl Said Really Freaked Her Mom Out!





I don’t know what it is about children and their inclination towards the paranormal. We’ve seen horror movies wherein ghosts either communicate or use innocent children as vessels for whatever unresolved purpose they want to fulfill on earth.

But what gives me the creeps is when such things happen in real life – to real people.
It is, of course, a different experience when we watch actors play in the big screen. Although the concept can make you cringe, it’s not as scary as knowing that it can actually happen, especially when you least expect it.

Jaime Primak Sullivan, a Holywood publicist, writer, and producer was exchanging sweet kisses with her daughter while talking about different things in front of the camera. It was a simple ‘bonding moment’ for the mother and child. The little girl asked her mom about who her mom’s bestfriend is, what her grandmother’s name is, and who her mother’s grandmother was. She then proceeded with asking more questions about her great grandmother and why she was in heaven already. The little girl kept asking until she finally said something that really freaked her mom out!

Watch the video here:

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H/T: Jaime Primak Sullivan, SFGlobe


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