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Girl Keeps Creepy Diary Entries About Her Imaginary Friend





Imaginary friends are quite common for kids. It is actually part of their developmental growth. But as they grow old and become more exposed to the life, they gradually let it go and start to act like grown-ups.

It is quite amusing to hear little kids tell about their imaginary friends. They will tell stories about the toys they played, the activities they did and the stuff they talked about during the day. It enables them to use their imagination to the best of their abilities and in the process, learn the beauty of friendship, which they can apply when they make real friends outside.

But in this series of diary entries we found, we can’t help but think twice about imaginary friends. After reading it all, we wonder how imaginary is an imaginary friend and up to what extent can we call them a make-believe companion? In short, we were totally freaked out!

Here are the diary entries of a daddy’s girl about her imaginary friend, Lisa:

It begins with an ordinary introduction of this girl’s imaginary friend, Lisa.


Photo credit: Room of Fun

She made it clear that her mom and dad can’t see her.

They tried to plant flowers one day, which is pretty normal but wait, Lisa’s father sleeps in a sandbox??


Photo credit: Room of Fun
Apparently, the girl’s teacher got mad when she learned that her student decided to bring an invisible subject for show and tell.


Photo credit: Room of Fun
Although no one came to the girl’s birthday party, it looks as if she is OK, as long as she has Lisa to play with.


Photo credit: Room of Fun
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