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After Her 12-Year Relationship Ended, Italian Woman Decides To Marry Herself Instead

She just gave new meaning to “love yourself.”


We’ve all heard about the importance of loving ourselves but this woman from Italy definitely took things to the next level. Apparently, fitness trainer Laura Mesi just made the big decision to finally get married – to herself!

According to reports, Mesi, who is 40 years old, had the idea after her 12-year relationship ended two years ago. And now she’s achieved viral fame because of it.

Laura Mesi wore a nice white dress and had a 3-tier cake for her wedding.

Moreover, she celebrated the occasion with 70 guests.

Mesi shared:

“I firmly believe that each of us must first of all love ourselves. You can have a fairytale even without the prince.”

Of course, the woman is quick to point out that not everyone will like the idea of solo weddings – especially since it entails a “certain amount of money,” the support of your loved ones, and “a pinch of madness,” she said in a BBC interview.

She likewise added:

“I told friends and family that if I had not found my soulmate by my 40th birthday I would marry myself.

“If one day I find a man with whom I can plan a future I’ll be happy, but my happiness does not depend on him.”

“Nothing and no one can turn off my smile,” said the fitness trainer.

A report by Unilad, however, tells us that Mesi isn’t actually the first Italian to have married herself. Previously, a man named Nello Ruggiero also tied the knot in a ceremony held in Naples.

Moreover, we are told that self-marriage, otherwise known as “sologamy”, is becoming a growing trend in many countries across the world. In the United States, for example, the I Married Me website offers people with self-wedding kits. Additionally, Canada has an agency named Marry Yourself Vancouver.


Young Boy Skips Usual Summer Activities, Builds His Own Tiny House Instead

A 12-year-old boy builds his very own tiny house and the result is so amazing.

Summer break for young kids would usually mean camping trips, beach vacations, art, music, dance or sports workshops or for some, weeks of stay inside the house to play their favorite video games. It is pretty rare to find kids today who would want to start a new hobby that can be more productive like cooking or gardening, and not to mention learning construction techniques.

Unlike other kids though who enjoy more from playing outside under the sun, this 12-year-old boy found himself bored of doing what normal lads would love to do, and rather stay inside to work on a project. Luke Thill from Iowa did something last summer that’s certainly out of the box. He decided to build a tiny house in his backyard and his finished product is just so amazing that it’s even hard to believe that he did it all by himself.

Luke Thill decided to spend his summer on constructing his own house rather than playing with others of his age.

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50 Savage Anarchists Who Just Don’t Give a Damn About Rules!

I bet #16 sums all of these up.

There are rules and regulations that we really need to follow day by day. But as the infamous line says, “rules are made to broken.” This one here is a symbol of rebellion, though it can sometimes mean progress and creativity. Because in one way or another, we all have to push certain boundaries.

In our so-called “orderly world,” we’ve seen a lot of people break rules after rules. Be it in school, work, public places, or even in private establishments – people just don’t give a damn sometimes.

Just like these anarchists.

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Sneaky Baby Steals Prince Harry’s Popcorn Until He Finds Out

This is literally cuteness overload!

Treason is a very serious act, and its punishment is worth a lifetime in jail. It meant death in the past, though. But when someone cute and amiable does it to a royalty like Prince Harry, well, we can perhaps forgive her, no?

The significant other of actress Meghan Markle was happily watching and eating popcorn from the sidelines during the titular Invictus Games held in Toronto, Canada. Apparently, this lovely angel by the name of Emily Henson took her chance to grab some of the prince’s snack. Albeit to his knowledge, the little girl has already nabbed a number of those mouthwatering freebies. And Harry, unfortunately, was too late for the fiasco.

Way to go, Emily. Way to go!

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