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3 Knitting Hacks You Need to Learn For Your Homemade Crafts and Gifts!





So February’s here again… and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And although gifts are not really the essence of celebrating love, somehow it has been a tradition to give our special someone a gift. Or perhaps, you are single and want to convey your tender feelings to that person you’ve been crushing on forever.

Thinking what gift to give can be difficult, and while some opt to just buy pre-made gifts, others prefer to put more effort in it by making hand-made crafts. Personally-knitted items such as scarves, bonnets, socks etc… are some of the go-to gift items you can choose from. Especially in winter countries, a knitted gift will not only convey your warm feelings of love for that special person, it can also literally make them warm on those cold winter days and think of you!

Handmade gifts are very sweet and thoughtful!

Handmade gifts are very sweet and thoughtful!


Unfortunately, not all of us are handy at knitting like grandma with her knitting needles. 🙁 Watching them do it seems intimidating. But no worries! We have found three very easy knitting hacks you can do to knit that special gift! All you need is your fingers, a comb or a box, a ball of yarn and scissors and you’ll have that knitted gift in no time. Don’t believe us? Well watch these videos and see for yourself!

Knit using only your fingers!

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Who said your combs are just for your hair?

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And well if you are complaining that the end products of both techniques are too thin to be a scarf, you can use another knitting hack to connect all those knitted strands you’ve been working on! Look at this simple technique

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You can do different strand colors and put them all together!
And the last technique, for bigger and more versatile end products, all you need is a box, your yarn and loads of time!

Knit away using a box!

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Easy-peasy right? You can even unleash your inner artist by putting on different colored yarns together for more pattern variety and strand thickness! Now go amaze your apple of the eye with an awesome knitted gift!

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