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Cam Girl Makes A Lot Of Money By Talking Dirty To Deaf People





A lot of people are interested in learning sign language for many reasons. Some have family and friends who can’t hear or speak, so they want to easily communicate with them. Others are curious and find the sign language fascinating.

But for Crystal Rivers, knowing how to do the sign language had earned her a lot of money. She had a lesson about American Sign Language (ASL) when she was only eight years old and was inspired to learn it properly. Now, she makes almost $10,000 on a good month using this skill.

Crystal often used ASL during her time at Disney World helping hearing-impaired guests. But three years ago, she began webcamming and started signing her broadcasts a couple of months later when a deaf viewer tuned in.

She said:

“I’m the only webcam model that I know of who also knows ASL. I’m opening up a whole new world for people. I want all my fans to be able to properly communicate with me, not just have to sit and type.”

Crystal quit her job at Disney World to become a full-time cam girl. She now makes $3,000 to $6,000 a month selling photos and videos of her on social media. But on a really good day, Crystal earns as much as $10,000.

She shared that she initially wanted to find a different job, but she loved her “cam work” so much that she couldn’t stop doing it.

Crystal shared that she’s not doing this to hurt anybody or ruin any relationships. In fact, she shared that she’s doing this to help people who have troubles opening up in real life.

She said that she has a lot of fans that have issues and she helps them get through with it. Crystal explained that she’s not doing this to take anybody’s man, but she just wants her fans to “feel connected and part of a community.”

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