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Excited Mom Was Expecting to Have Triplets. But the Doctors Gave Her a Delightful Surprise!





Life is truly filled with pleasant surprises. Kimberly Fugate was delighted to know that she was pregnant with triplets after her ultrasound checkup. The pregnancy was unplanned but she was grateful for it. Three months before she was due to give birth, the expectant mom went through caesarian section, which happens to be a day before her 42nd birthday.

Imagine her surprise when instead of three babies, the doctors pulled out four beautiful babies. Wow! Somehow, the doctors failed to see the fourth baby during the ultrasound tests and they were surprised to see identical quadruplets in her womb.

The ecstatic mom named her girls Kenleigh, Kristen, Kayleigh, and Ketsey. Aren’t they adorable?

Watch the video:

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It’s extremely rare to be able to conceive identical quadruplets, which have the odds of 1 in 13 million. Almost incalculable, according to the physician. They were only 60 cases recorded in medical history. And considering that they were delivered without medical intervention, the babies turned out to be considerably healthy.  The babies will stay at the hospital for a while to let their premature lungs develop.

Truly, Kimberly is so blessed to be able to produce four healthy bundles of joy!

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