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Kim Jong-un Brought Personal Toilet To Protect His Stools During Sit-Down With Trump





Kim Jong-un took “keeping one’s privacy” to the next level. North Korean officials made sure that he will have a safe arrival for his sit-down with President Donald Trump in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit. To make this possible, they used two decoy airplanes to protect the Supreme Leader’s stools. Yes, you read that right.

Bringing his own bodyguards and food supply is definitely nothing out of the ordinary. However, tagging a portable toilet along certainly dropped a lot of jaws. Kim’s security team brought the bathroom fixture to Singapore in an effort to “deny determined sewer divers insights into the supreme leader’s stools.”

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump finally met for the Summit.

Source: CBS News

The Trump-Kim summit is the first ever meet-up between a sitting U.S. president and a leader of North Korea. Upon his arrival in Singapore Sunday evening, Kim smiled as he was welcomed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Kim told Lee through an interpreter:

“The entire world is watching the historic summit between (North Korea) and the United States of America, and thanks to your sincere efforts … we were able to complete the preparations for the historic summit.”

Kim's security team brought a personal portable toilet to Singapore to protect his stools from the CIA and other spy agencies.

Source: Pixabay

Although this gesture appeared to be extreme, Kim Jong-un is not the only leader who opted for the safe-keeping of his stools. The Secret Service of Former U.S. President George W. Bush reportedly brought a portable toilet on his visit to Austria back in 2006.

Protecting the leaders’ stools is not just a fad or some ridiculous request, it actually has a deeper meaning behind it. The CIA and other spy agencies have been known to gather information through feces in the past. Clearly, this is something that Kim Jong-un is trying to avoid right now.

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump meet for a historic handshake.

Source: CBS News

Meanwhile, Donald Trump told Kim Jong-un, “we’ll have tremendous success together” during their meeting.

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