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Terrifying CCTV Footage Captures Two Kids Chasing a Kidnapper Who Snatched Their Baby Brother.





With the rising rates of crimes committed every day, the installation of security cameras just about everywhere has been a necessity. If only walls could talk, then there might be a greater probability that they would be able to share history like no other. What more if they could capture every single detail and watch its raw footage right? Thanks to the so called closed-circuit television, almost everything can be viewed and most importantly recorded.

What you are about to witness may seem an ordinary stroll in the park until this man came running with a baby on his arm. Later on, a girl was chasing after him followed by another much younger kid with a stroller. The pursuit did not end there as another two teenage boys join the marathon. What’s the chase all about? Apparently, a 22-month old baby named Owen is being abducted! All these happened in just split seconds in the quiet town of Sprague, Washington.

The father of the victim explained that their kids are usually babysitted and apparently allowed to play at the park unsupervised. That’s when the authorities said that an unidentified man spooned little Owen from his stroller and hastily took off.

Luckily, the screaming and yelling of the big sister caught the attention of all passersby, soon enough to the rescue of the two teenage boys just around the block. Cornered by the chasers, the suspect had no choice but to leave little Owen on the ground as he fled the scene.

Watch the video:

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Although a manhunt has already begun, reports show no clear indication of the relation of the suspect with the parents or with the children. Thus, they believe that the suspect’s getaway car might have been parked somewhere nearby.

Now that Owen is finally reunited with his family, the children and the teenage boys who ran after the suspect are applauded for their courageous and quick-thinking response. Meanwhile, residents are advised to stay cautious and vigilant for the suspect might strike again.

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