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Your Husband Is a Keeper If He Does These 15 Things

Is your man a true keeper?


When you marry your partner, ideally it’s like there’s no turning back because you have kept a promise to someone to be there for each other. But along the way, there could be challenges, and while there are couples who could fight through it, there are others who can’t handle the stress. This would result to a failure in marriage and ultimately divorce.

Just because you have married someone doesn’t mean that you have found the best person to be with. Unfortunately for others, the changes that may come after marriage is something that they cannot deal with in the long run. It’s a good thing for those who really know within themselves that they have found someone who’s worth keeping and sacrificing for.

If you see your husband do these 15 things, you have found a keeper and you have to do everything you can not to let go of him.

#1. He puts his full trust in you.

He never doubts any of your actions or words.

#2. He stays loyal.

He doesn’t hide anything from you and he’s open to any aspect of his life.

#3. He knows what you like.

He knows every detail about you, from the food you love to the type of clothes you like to wear.

#4. He gives you freedom.

Source: MaxPixel

He lets you enjoy a bit of time to yourself, like if he lets you go out with your friends to have a drink.

#5. He remembers special occasions.

He knows what holidays you treasure so he makes sure he can prep something for you.

#6. He makes you realize you can be better.

He doesn’t like it when you talk negatively about yourself. Instead, he would encourage you and build the confidence you need to keep you going.

#7. He laughs when you’re joking.

Source: Pexels

And he does that even he when he doesn’t find your jokes funny.

#8. He believes you…

Because he trusts that you’re honest with him.

#9. He knows how to have fun with you.

Source: Pexels

You can easily laugh together even at the most trivial things.

#10. He values your emotions.

He considers how you feel about things.

#11. You feel loved.

And you can’t deny it.

#12. He makes things easier for you.

Source: Inna Lesyk

When things get complicated, he provides solutions just to avoid conflict.

#13. He offers to do the housework or watch the kids…

And he doesn’t without you even asking him.

#14. He gets you up when you’re feeling down.

Source: Pixabay

He doesn’t like to see you sad so he does everything just to put a smile on your face.

#15. And he loves to see your smile…

Which is why he can’t stand to see you upset.


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