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The Tranquil Kavicsos Lake in Budapest




  • Located just within a few minutes reach from Budapest, Kavicsos Lake or ‘pebble lake’ offers the peace and beauty of nature.
  • Hundreds of tiny houses are built on small islands spreading across the lake.
  • Once a pebble quarry, Kavicsos Lake became a refuge not just for humans but for wildlife as well.

Just 30 minutes away from the famous Danube river, the second longest river in Europe, is another enchanting spot for tourists to explore.

Aproximately two kilometers south of Budapest lies the beautiful and tranquil Kavicsos Lake. It is located within Csepel Island, the largest island in the Danube.

Lake Kavicsos is accessible from Hungary’s capital by road and the suburban railway.
Stretching across the serene, crystalline water stands more than 500 tiny houses built on small, separate islands.
Photo : Alexander H. Szabo / Aerial National Police

These homes serve as summer houses or sheds to fishermen or anglers. However, more than 70 families are permanently residing there, enjoying a quiet life, surrounded by water, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The islands can be easily accessed by boat.
Photo : Alexander H. Szabo / Aerial National Police

A pebble quarry once existed there over two decades ago. When it closed down, mother nature just reclaimed the land and did her own work on the area.

Rainwater eventually filled the excavated pits, consequently creating a large, crystal-clear lake. For this reason, Kavicsos – which literally translates to ‘pebble lake’ in Hungrian – was named as such.

Over time, a rich and abundant wildlife flourished on the scenic lake.
Photo : Alexander H. Szabo / Aerial National Police

In 1996, a private organisation bought the lake; however, there have been some unspecified legal battles between the parties involved.

Currently, Kavicsos Lake is home not just for human beings, but for many fishes and birds as well. People living in pebble lake’s peaceful islands can enjoy the fresh air and clean water, and travel only for half an hour to get to the city center.

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