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Meadow in Austria Magically Transforms into a Lake Every Year





Somewhere in Austria lies a majestic lake surrounded by a lush, green forest and a magnificent view of the mountainous landscape. The glassy, green water of the lake reflects the clear, blue sky, adding to the scenery’s extraordinary charm. However, this impeccable sight is not permanent.

Grüner See, which literally translates to Green Lake, is located in Tragoess, Austria. Amazingly, this meadow transforms into a lake every year. This natural phenomenon occurs as a result of varying temperatures throughout the year.

According to the Culture Trip, during winter, the water is at its most shallow level, having depths of only about 1-2 meters, or approximately 3-6 feet. It is also during this time when hikers flock to the area.

Grüner See transforms into a magnificent lake during spring time.

Source: Wikipedia

The water level begins to increase during spring time, with levels rising at its maximum level of 12 meters or about 39 feet. At this time of the year, Grüner See is transformed into a gorgeous oasis, an ephemeral paradise unparalleled elsewhere in the world.

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Because of the lake’s beauty, tourists, including scuba divers who wish to enjoy the lovely underwater view, are inevitably allured. However, such kind of attention is a double-edged sword. Due to the large number of tourists that populate the area, preservation of the lake has increasingly become a concern. What used to be crystal, clear waters has slowly become murky, prompting restrictions such as prohibiting water sports to be implemented in the area.

Tourists, including scuba divers, flock to the lake to explore and enjoy its magnificent charm.

Swimmers must also be warned because the lake’s water is awfully cold, with temperatures ranging from 4-8 °C or 39.2 to 46.4 °F. Such low temperatures also serve as a natural impediment, thus allowing only those with the most ardent desire to experience the lake’s submerged wonder.

Do not fret though, if you cannot get past these constraints, as the entire landscape still offers a spectacular view that can be admired from afar.

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