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Kakeibo Will Teach You the Clever Japanese Method of Managing and Saving Money

Experts say the method can help cut spending by up to 35 percent.


Count on the Japanese to come up with effective methods to not just declutter your life but also to manage your spending. Kakeibo, a Japanese way of saving money, which has been used in Japan for more than a hundred years, is being introduced to the rest of the world with the publication of Kakeibo: The Japanese Art of Saving Money, the world’s first English-language kakeibo budgeting journal.

In Japan, magazines aimed at housewives usually give away a supplement kakeibo before the year ends. They aim to help the women, who are usually in charge of managing household finances in a typical Japanese home, plan their year.

The budgeting journal has pages for monthly, weekly, and yearly notes.

At the beginning of each month, the owner of the journal will be asked to do the following: 1) write down their income and subtract fixed expenses (like rent and utilities) from it, 2) deduct the amount they would like to save from what’s left of their income (20% of the income is recommended by experts), 3) record your expenses with the goal to use only the amount that is left after fixed expenses and savings have been accounted for, and 4) reflect on your spending and see if you were able to stick to your saving goals.

According to the journal description:

The premise is simple: at the beginning of each month you sit down with your kakeibo and think mindfully about how much you would like to save and what you will need to do in order to reach your goal. The kakeibo then gives you space to jot down your weekly spending and reflecting on the month just gone. The simple act of completing your kakeibo ensures that saving is a part of your everyday life, while also giving you the opportunity to reflect and improve every month.”

Using the kakeibo method is more than just recording and planning household finances.

Source: Stylist

It also relies on the journal owner’s reflection and decisions in order to manage and save their money better. Household finance managers are encouraged to study their spending patterns and see what they can change in order to have a healthier financial life.

The kakeibo journal was popularized by Motoko Hani, Japan’s first female journalist, back in 1904.

Source: Stylist

The journal is filled with beautifully designed pages, as well as inspirational Japanese proverbs to really inspire its owner to stay on track and achieve their financial goals.


Disturbing Video Shows Caregiver Slapping 78-Year-Old Dementia Patient

The family installed a hidden camera and captured the distressing footage.

What’s the main duty of a caregiver? Well, that’s really easy to tell because the job title already implies the person’s responsibilities – which is to provide care in general. This is the biggest reason why it gets really disappointing and disturbing when someone who has been hired to take care of someone ends up abusing the person instead.

This is exactly the case for one family who ended up discovering that a carer is actually slapping their dementia-stricken mother and they found out about it after leaving a hidden camera in their home in Kettering, Northamptonshire in England.

Caught on film: 46-year-old caregiver Stacey George repeatedly smacked Sabina Marsden, 78, while the family was away.

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Best Friends Who Earn $2,000 A Day From Bitcoin Say It’s Not Yet Too Late To Invest

They’re even planning to move to Thailand and start a business there.

Cryptocurrency has become the latest popular investment method the past few years with people already making millions out of it. Despite some experts warning that it's a bad investment there are still people who truly believe in its potential. Among them are two best friends, also called "Bondi bitcoin brothers," who want to let the world know that it's not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Daniel Colosi, 31, and Stephen Lenoci, 34, first joined the world of Bitcoin trading just a few months ago with about $5,000. But with how things are going, they say that they'll likely become millionaires by the end of 2018.

Colosi was inspired to join Bitcoin trading aftter a meeting with a cryptocurrency millionaire friend.

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9 Telltale Signs Your Body Is Not Digesting Meat Properly

Remember: Prevention is always better than cure.

For most of us, eating steaks and hamburgers, among others, is a tough thing to resist. And this is despite the fact that we are aware of the consequences of consuming too much of this food. Apparently, meat contains a large number of natural chemical toxins and saturated fat that can make digestion difficult. Hence overeating it can lead to some serious consequences in the future.

We have compiled the telltale signs that your digestive system is not processing meat very well. Take note of them and, as much as possible, reconsider your current diet. Scroll down below!

#9. Constipation

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