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6 Ways You Can Start Saving Money Right Now





I guess it’s safe to say most of us have good intentions when it comes to finances. Regardless of how much we earn, we all want to save for the rainy days. We have peace of mind when we know we have set aside portions of our salary which we can use anytime whenever the need arises.

But by the raise of hands: How many of us actually have enough money in our savings account? Anyone? Yep, that’s exactly what I thought!

If you, like many others, are still struggling to build your savings, the good news here is it doesn’t actually require a big leap to get started. All it takes is a few simple steps towards the right direction and you’ll be able to begin feeling more financially self-reliant.

Here are 6 easy tips you can implement soon:

1. Get a piggy bank.

Source: Pixabay

Sure, it may sound awkward to have a piggy bank as an adult but hey – if it’s the way you can start saving, then it’s definitely worth the shot.

Got some loose change in your pocket? Put them in the piggy bank (or a money jar, whatever works for you!). Do this each day and you’ll be surprised how much you can actually save in a month or two.

2. Control your finances by setting a budget.

Do you follow a budget? It’s a big mistake if you don’t! Proper money management requires setting your priorities straight. A budget allows you to set your limits so you can avoid overspending and unnecessary debts.

Use a spreadsheet or download a budgeting app. It’s a good thing to be fully aware about where your money goes each month. You’ll be more responsible with your expenses next time around.

3. Watch the credit card.

Source: Money Aware

Speaking of expenses, you really have to be watchful when using your credit card. By nature, a credit card might be a convenient tool but if you’re not cautious, it can lead you to a financial pitfall.

Make it a habit to check your bill. In case you see any unusual purchases, report it right away. Sign up for transaction alerts so you can keep better track of things as well.

4. Save on utilities.

Source: One How To

Remember how our parents often told us to turn off the lights or water when not in use? Apparently, there is some wisdom in those simple reminders. Wasting electricity and water can indeed hurt your pocket. Meanwhile, being practical in using your utilities can lead to big savings in the long run.

5. Compare prices before buying.

Source: Pop Sugar

When buying something, it is a good idea to check out prices from other sellers first. This is easy to do these days, especially if you are shopping online, and it can make a big difference. You’ll be amazed with how much money you can save.

6. Take advantage of coupons.

Groceries, restaurants, and, yes, even drugstores distribute coupons for their customers. In some cases, you can also access them online and print them out. Every dollar you save can go towards your savings so this is a great thing to do, too.

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