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No Time for Gym? This Toilet Paper Workout Is Perfect For You!





We all know the importance of regular exercise but let’s face it – not everyone has the determination and discipline to do it consistently.

Most often than not, procrastinators have various excuses ranging from being “too busy” to hit the gym or probably blaming it to not having gym equipment at home. But as you will learn in the video below, alibis are useless for those truly serious about improving their physical well-being.

With these creative exercise routines, you wouldn’t need to go to the gym or buy any expensive equipment anymore. All you need to have is a timer, a little space in your home and a bunch of toilet paper.

Created by trainer Kaisa Keranen, this awesome workout only requires several rolls of toilet paper.

Source: Twitter

Why did she come up with an exercise routine using this specific household item?

Kaisa explained:

“It’s an everyday object that everyone has.

“The entire point of my workouts is not only to mix things up to keep them fun and interesting, but also to show people that it doesn’t take much more than your body (and occasionally fun household items!) to get an awesome workout in.”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

So how do you perform these exercise routines? A Shape article gives us the details and tells us each one requires 20 seconds of as many reps as possible (AMRAP) and 10 seconds of rest afterwards. Repeat the circuit 2 to 4 times – or as long as you can. It may look simple and easy but wait until you give it a try!

Of course, what’s important here is that you stay persistent even if things get quite challenging. You bet this workout will test your strength and endurance so keep at it if you want to see good results in the long run.

In the meantime, go follow Kaisa Keranen over at Instagram for more interesting exercise ideas.

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