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Hoarder Wants To Return 4,800 Toilet Paper, Supermarket Boss Gives Him the Middle Finger




  • John Paul Drake of Drakes Supermarkets recently encountered a customer who wanted to return thousands of toilet paper for a refund.
  • He refused the man and gave him the middle finger instead.
  • Supermarket director called hoarding as “absolutely disgusting” since most of them are just selling the items online with marked-up prices during the crisis.

A supermarket boss in Adelaide, Australia has just gained viral fame after being brutally honest with a hoarder who wanted to return thousands of toilet paper. John Paul Drake, who works as the director of Drakes Supermarkets, shared he recently encountered a hoarder, trying to refund a massive amount of toilet paper and hand sanitizers he purchased from the store during a panic-buying spree.

Drake talked about the incident in a YouTube video where he said, “I had my first customer yesterday who said he wanted to get a refund on 150 packets of 32-pack toilet paper and 150 units of one-litre hand sanitizer.” According to the man, his eBay site “has been shut down” and so he couldn’t sell the items anymore.

So what was Drake’s response to the bizarre request, you ask? Well he gave him the middle finger.

“That is the type of person who is causing the problem in the whole country,” said Drake in an interview with ABC Radio.

In Drake’s own words, stockpiling is “absolutely disgraceful” and is definitely the main reason why local supermarkets eventually had to agree about implementing purchasing limitations for many basic items.

Drake further explained that most of these hoarders aren’t even actually purchasing for themselves but are only aiming to sell it online “for a considerable amount.”

Watch Drake’s rant about the whole thing here:

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Drake’s video eventually went viral on social media and has even ended up being covered by various news sources. Meanwhile, numerous netizens also praised the “badass boss” for flipping off the hoarder, calling his act a “job well done.”

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