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Judge Asks Accused Mom’s Daughter To Decide Her Charges, Her Point Of Defense Had The Court Laughing

A daughter was given the chance to defend her mom in court but everyone was laughing when she started explaining.


The innocence and honesty of children combined can oftentimes result to unexpected humor and they can be of great help inside the court too! Another case was just resolved by a popular municipal judge of Providence, Rhode Island with the help of yet another kid who had the entire courtroom laughing at her witty judgment.

Judge Frank Caprio stars in the television series “Caught in Providence” where he handles a bunch traffic violations and some other small claims. If you happen to follow the show, you will know how the 80-year-old judge can be merciful and understanding to people who make mistakes.

This kid joins Judge Carpio in front of the court to help him decide on the charges to be pressed against her mom.

Source: youtube

In a previous case, Judge Caprio was served with the case of a mom who ran through a red light. The defendant came to court with her daughter whom she didn’t realize will decide her fate.

The accused’s daughter named Alexa was called in by Judge Caprio to join him behind the bench during the case hearing. The man who’s famous for his soft spot for kids let the daughter review the footage of her mom running the red light. After the little girls saw the recording, Judge Caprio tasked the daughter to decide the charges against her mom, despite the fact that she wasn’t with her mom during the incident.

Alexa said her mom didn’t stop because of this man on the roadside.

Source: youtube

Little Alexa then decided to get a little creative in explaining her mom’s defense. Judge Caprio asked Alexa why she thinks her mother’s case should be dismissed. She then explained in front of the court that her mom didn’t stop on the red light because she was frightened with the man walking on the roadside, who might have opened her door to ask money from her if she stopped.

The entire courtroom then erupted into laughter with the daughter‘s explanation. Judge Caprio, on the other hand, recognized the girl’s answer telling the mom that Alexa is “good.” In no time, Judge Caprio dismissed the case and the duo left with smiles.

The accused mom probably felt lucky to bring her daughter to court as her traffic violation case was dismissed.

Source: youtube

The video clip of the specific court hearing went viral on Youtube with many users commenting on how the court hearing went about. One commenter joked: “Take your kid to court… case dismissed. If you don’t have a kid… borrow one.”

Another commended the judge’s considerate judgment writing: “This gentleman is a proof that no matter in what position you are, you can be a great human.”

Watch Alexa defend her mom in front of the court from the video below:

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