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Mom’s Viral Post Beautifully Shares All The Things She Worries About Every Day

Moms are the biggest worriers in the world and it is wonderfully touching!


Being a mom is probably one of the most challenging job there is. Aside from it being a full time, permanent position (nope, you can’t just quit when you become tired), it requires a multitude of skills and lots of grace amidst pressures. Most of all, being a mom requires one to show a big heart no matter how tough things may be.

In a viral post, mom Cameron Poynter enumerates the gazillion of things that moms worry about all the time, as well as the different roles they play each day. We may not realize it, but moms are more than just the feminine foundation of the family. Poynter beautifully presents the little but definitely very meaningful things that moms do every single day to support their children and family. It is a fitting salute to all mothers in the world and we could not describe the motherly role better!

Overall, Poynter describes moms as “the keeper”. By this, she means keeper of schedules, information about their child, solutions to basically every problem in the world, preferences, reminders, memories, emotional security, peace, and of worry (both of her kids and her own).

Poynter ends her post with a salute to all moms out there for she says that all those little things they keep often goes unnoticed yet they choose to still push forward.

The post is an example of what Poynter calls “Emotional Labor,” which is invisible absorbing other people’s stresses, managing emotions, and being responsible for making sure that familial relationships are intact. Emotional labor is very different from the so-called “division of labor,” which merely pertains to identifying whose turn it is to wash the dishes tonight or takes out the garbage this weekend. Emotional labor is the knowledge of the littlest things and being able to apply these information when needed. It is knowing which kid likes pineapples in the pizza or who would throw a fit if you serve cereals with raisins.

Mom's Chaotic World

“Historically, women have been the primary caregivers for their children and while they now make up half of the work force, it takes a lot longer for cultural norms to adjust,” Poynter writes in an e-mail.

She adds that the norms are changing and that she would honestly be happy if one or both of her sons would end up being stay-at-home dads. Poynter was pleased with the massive response her post garnered.

Here is the entire and original Facebook post of Poynter on Facebook.

I am the keeper.I am the keeper of schedules. Of practices, games, and lessons. Of projects, parties, and dinners. Of…

Posted by Lucky Orange Pants on Monday, September 18, 2017

No doubt, moms do the most underrated yet most beautiful tasks in the world. Let us take time to appreciate them and see the love in each of them. Salute to all moms! No matter how tired you are, you are doing great. You are wonderful. You are one of a kind.


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