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Probation Officer Gets Shock Of Her Life When Boyfriend Enters Court Room Handcuffed

She clearly didn’t see that coming.

Nobelle Borines





What would you do if your loved one suddenly shows up at your workplace? A visit would usually be a welcome surprise. However, a probation officer had the shock of her life when her boyfriend was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs. What happens next will have you gasping in disbelief.

Tiffany Allison is a probation officer at the Justice Network in Desoto County in Mississippi. She was expecting to go about her usual work at the Hernando Municipal Court when the judge called in a defendant she knew very well.

This probation officer still can’t believe her eyes.

Allison’s boyfriend Brett Stidham walked into the courtroom escorted by police officers. He was dressed in a full jumpsuit and was handcuffed as well.

Stidham couldn’t look at his girlfriend as he walks into court.

The shocked Allison couldn’t believe that her boyfriend was being charged with a crime. She could only watch in astonishment when Stidham began to address the court.

“Your Honor, with all due respect, there’s no need for this court to examine me. I’m guilty,” Stidham said.

At this point, Allison is shaking but Stidham wasn’t finished with his statement.

“I’m guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams. She’s my best friend, I’ll forever be in love with her.”

Allison couldn’t hide her shock at Stidham’s statement.

The judge called on Allison, who quickly said she didn’t find the situation funny at all. She was greatly concerned because Stidham is in handcuffs. Nevertheless, she decided to stand up and approach him in front of the judge.

From there, Stidham continued with his marriage proposal.

“From the moment we met, my heart has been a captive of your love. You and you alone are the one I want to represent me in the trial we call life.”

How’s this for a workplace surprise?

It’s an amazing proposal that had Allison in tears. However, she still managed to laugh when Stidham declared, “I’m ready for the life sentence, baby.”

Watch the amazing full video below:

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Old Man Playing The Piano Gets Audience To Sing For Him In Viral Video

He even gave them instructions on how to stay in tune!

Nobelle Borines



Some musical performers just know how to get people going. An old man who plays the piano in a mall in the Philippines just went viral for getting his audience to sing for him in an awesome video. The gifted pianist even gave the people specific instructions to make sure they are in sync with his playing.

In the viral video, the piano man jokes with the crowd. He tells them not to listen to the music playing inside the mall and only pay attention to him. The man instructs his audience to begin singing when he starts playing.

This awesome piano man is about to get his audience to join his performance.

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Badass Mayor Rides Tank and Crushes Illegally Parked Car

For this mayor, a tank “is the best solution!”

Mark Andrew



What’s the best solution in a town where cars park illegally all the time? Maybe the answer is a tank!

Take it from Vilnius mayor Arturas Zuokas who did exactly. As you may have seen on a video that’s recently been making rounds on social media, this badass of a mayor rode an armored vehicle and crushed a Mercedes S-class becase it was parked in the bicycle lane.

According to Zuokas, illegal parking has always been a big problem in the Lithuanian capital.

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Scaffolding Collapse As Workers Fall Helplessly Under The Ruins Of A Constructed Building

Accidents happen without prior notice.




A building that was being constructed suddenly collapsed due to a load-related mishap. The incident was caught on camera and was shared on social media.

Based on the video there was no heavy casualty. The workers immediately stood up and got out of the rubble.

The safety of workers should be the prime concern of the contractor.

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