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What This 5-year-old Boy Did to a Homeless Man Will Move You to Tears





Josiah Duncan, a five-year-old boy from Alabama, had no idea what being homeless meant until he saw one standing outside  a local Waffle house restaurant.

Troubled with the man’s appearance who was holding a bag and a bike, the curious kid began asking questions to his mom Ava.

After realizing the homeless man had no food to eat, the little boy asked his mother to buy the  man a meal from the restaurant. Of course, Ava couldn’t say no to her son who didn’t have any second thoughts in helping the needy.

Without hesitations, the two went inside the restaurant with the stranger. Josiah even asked the man to pick anything he wants from the menu.

Before the man could take his first bite, Josiah did something even more incredible. The young boy publicly sang a blessing before his mother, the homeless man and 11 other customers. Lucikly, his mom was able to film the entire thing.

Touched by what Josiah did, the man cried, finished his meal, and went on his way.

Watch the remarkable story:

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Source: The Little Things

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