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Homeless Man Broke Down in Tears After Seeing His Complete Transformation

Little did he know that the transformation would not only change his looks but his life.


Jose Antonio had been roaming the streets of Majorca, Spain for almost twenty-five years. The homeless man was a former electrician who suffered depression and lost his way in life.

To feed himself, he works as an unlicensed car parking attendant where he later met a salon owner who offered him a free make-over. Little did Jose know, the transformation would not only change his looks but his life.

This was Jose Antonio before his transformation.

Locals know him as Josete, the homeless parking attendant.

Salva Garcia, the owner of La Salvajiera hair salon invited Jose in to come for a free cut. Jose or Josete, as he is affectionately called by the community, is well-known by the locals but they would not recognize him later on.

La Salvajeria salon workers chopped off his hair and tidied his beard.

They even dyed his hair and beard to make him look younger.

When Jose arrived at the salon, he was scruffy with grey unkempt hair and disheveled dirty beard which grew from twenty five years of neglect. Before the staff started working on Jose’s looks, he requested to look at his old self on the mirror for the last time.

Jose could not contain his excitement while having his make over.

The salon staff quickly worked on the Spanish homeless man’s hair and beard, even dying out his greyish tone. They even provided him with a new outfit, a spotless white shirt and red drainpipe trousers. After his dramatic transformation, the once ragged street dweller looked like a Hollywood star.

Jose could not believe what he saw on the mirror.

From a vagrant to a hunk, his transformation was remarkable!

Locals who see him every day, could not even notice him now!

“This is incredible!” exclaimed Jose upon seeing himself. “How different, no one’s going to recognize me!”

He could not help but be in tears after seeing his impressive change. When he strolled the streets he called home, his patrons and friends could not recognize him.

Watch the full video of Jose Antonio’s transformation here:

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According to La Salvajeria, Jose, who is now receiving financial assistance from an anonymous donor, is now off the streets. He is living in a shared apartment and is on the constant look up for a permanent job.

Sometimes, people just run out of luck and end up in situations that they could do little about. However, this story is another reminder that simple acts of kindness could bring back hope and confidence to someone who has been stuck in an unfortunate condition.


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