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“Half-Human Half-Alien” With Massive Gun Collection, Found Dead in a Parked Vehicle





In a crime story that sounds more like from the vaults of X-Files than C.S.I., a man missing for several days was found dead with her fiancée insisting that he is actually a part-human, part-alien secret agent with a mission to save the world.

Last July 17, the decomposing corpse of Jeffrey Alan Lash, 60 years old, was found in a vehicle parked in Pacific Palisades.

His fiancée Catherine Nebron asked the help of Dawn VadBunker, her employee, so they can dispose the body. The two said they did not inform the police about the death of Lash because they knew the CIA would come to get his body. They were with him when he experienced breathing difficulties and died last July 4.

Dawn VadBunker, a mother of two, went in hiding with her employer Catherine Nebron after they left Lash' corpse in an SUV.


According to Laura VadBunker, Dawn’s mother, they have been worried about her because she was gone for days. They got even more worried when they finally had the chance to speak with her after the incident. Mrs. VadBunker believes Dawn, who has two daughters, may be having a mental breakdown. During her disappearance, Dawn wrote her family a letter of apology.

As if things weren’t interesting enough, authorities were dumbfounded upon finding what was in Lash’ LA house.

Lash' home was filled with 1,200 different firearms and 6.5 tons of ammunition.


Most of the guns have never been used with some still bearing their price tags.


The police said Lash’ massive collection had everything from pistols, shotguns, and rifles.


According to Commander Andrew Smith, a single truck wasn’t enough to remove all the guns and ammo from the location.


Commander Smith said:

“Our truck couldn’t carry it all. We had to go back and make another trip.”

He further added:

“It’s not a crime to have a large number of weapons so long as they were legal to own and legally obtained. We want to make sure that’s the case.”

How Lash managed to amass such a massive gun collection is just beyond the authorities right now.

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H/T: DailyMail


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