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17 Ingenious Design Ideas that Can Help You Hide Your Belongings from Burglars

Outsmart those burglars with these awesome hacks!

Ann Moises





It’s really upsetting to lose something that you’ve worked so hard for. Those of us who have been victimized by burglars definitely know how it feels like.

Do you want to install a state-of-the-art security system to keep the criminals out, but don’t really have the budget for it? Well, here’s an awesome solution!

With these ingenious designs, you can hide your precious valuables in plain sight and have an elegant and functional interior design as well.

You can create these ideas yourself; however, you can already purchase some of these products from most hardware stores and in Wal-Mart.

#17. Doortop Secret Storage


Photo credit: Makezine

Choose a door inside your home and drill a small hole on top of it. Insert a metal tube on the hole and stash your cash or valuable jewelry there.

#16. Your Own Spare Key Container


Photo credit: zakkalife

Glue a rock on top of an old prescription bottle or small container. Choose a spot where you can bury the container (with the spare key inside) so that only the rock is showing.

#15. Oversized Art Cabinet


Photo credit: apartmenttherapy

Hide those wires, cords, and other electronic equipment in an oversized art cabinet. Create a huge hole in the wall for the electronic devices and drill small holes also for the cord. Place a beautiful artwork over the cabinet and there you have it!

#14. Floating Cabinet with Hidden/Built-in Storage


This floating shelf would look great on your wall and no one would notice the compartment unless you open it.

#13.Picture Frame Medicine Cabinet


Photo credit: apartmenttherapy

Hide those medicines and prescription bottles away with this picture frame medicine cabinet. You can also create your own by making a hole in the wall and hanging your favorite painting or picture there.

#12. Secret Jewelry Box


Photo credit: designsponge

A perfect way to hide your valuable pieces safely is to hang them underneath an artwork or a painting inside your room. Instead of putting your treasures in a box, try this instead.

#11. Mirror Compartment


Photo credit: Google

Remove the clutter in your bathroom or bedroom using this mirror compartment. Simply open the sides and arrange your stuff on the racks.

#10. Built-in Storage Bed


Photo credit: Google

Although this is common, a built-in storage bed can help you hide and organize your things more efficiently. Also, it would give the burglars a hard time going through all those cabinets!

#9. Storage Sofa


Photo credit: ana-white

Build your own sofa and add space underneath where you can stash your stuff secretly. Not only is this safe, this design helps you maximize your living room or bedroom space.

#8. Hollow Book


Photo credit: missvickyviola

I’ve seen this in the movies and I like it. Find a book that you can bind and then cut through the pages to create a hollow space in the middle. Tadaa!!!

#7. Bathtub Compartment


Photo credit: bornrich

Burglars on a rush probably won’t have the time to check your bathroom. Just organize your stuff in the wooden base of the tub.

#6. Stairway Compartment


Photo credit: imgfave

Just use a step or a landing to hide larger items under a stairway storage.

#5. Keyboard Storage


Photo credit: geekologie

Keep your area burglar and clutter-free with a keyboard secret storage. You might want to add some divisions there to secure your things just in case someone tries to shake the board. We don’t want them to hear anything clanking there.

#4. Fake Outlet


Photo credit: misdefenseproducts

This may be common  and burglars may have already known about them; however, I don’t think they’d have the time and patience to search which power outlet is fake.

#3. Bathroom Tile Compartment


Photo credit: dornob

Take out a tile (or two) out of your bathroom and replace it with a new one. Just remember which tile it is and there you have it: a secret bathroom tile compartment!

#2. Living Room Sofa Compartment


Photo credit: Google

Turn the wooden base of your living room sofa into a secret storage and hide your stuff there. It’s pretty neat!

#1. Bookcase Storage


Photo credit: Reddit

You wouldn’t want those thieves to get their hands on your guns, right? Keep them safe behind those built-in bookcases.

Got more clever design ideas? Share them with us in the comment section!

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