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In Japan, There’s a Show Called “Do Not Swallow” And It Sounds Oddly Interesting





Ah, Japan! Land of weird and wonderful stuff! Well, what may be weird to us is normal to the Japanese, so that’s why their pop culture is a gift that keeps on giving for us who are looking for things that seem strange and unusual.

Now for those who basically live on the internet, it’s no secret that Japanese TV shows are very interesting… and that’s putting it mildly. I mean, they feature stuff that may not exactly fly on local TV anywhere else in the world. This show right here is an excellent example. It’s called “Do Not Swallow” and from the name, you will have a pretty good idea what’s in store for the audience.


In this episode, a sexy lady swallows a milky drink and holds the liquid in her mouth. She sits on the lap of a man, who then proceeds to tickle her all over. The lady tries very hard not to spill the milky liquid in her mouth.

Get the picture? Take a look and see if it matches what you have in mind right now!

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