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Photographer Captures Changing Beauty of Finland’s Kotisaari Island in 4 Seasons

These photos were taken at the right time at the right place.


Jani Ylinampa is the kind of photographer who uses nature as his subject. Based in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland, he is an incredible nature photographer. He has mastered the capturing of the dancing Northern Lights, beautiful forests, breathtaking sceneries, mesmerizing lakes, and other wonders of Mother Nature.

He has been doing this for almost 15 years, and perhaps one of his magical objects caught is none other than the lovely Kotisaari Island in Rovaniemi. It was the Lumberjacks of Kemijoki who used the island as their traditional stronghold. It floats in the scenic Kemi river and is definitely a perfect place to fulfill a photographer’s wish to capture the changing beauty of nature. And Ylinampa really did it.

Meet Jani Ylinampa, a nature photographer famously known for his stunning Northern Lights captures.

Source: Twitter

Ylinampa documented the island using a drone throughout the entire four seasons. His work resulted in four really different yet awe-inspiring pictures of the Kotisaari Island. And whether you are into photography or not, you would wish you were the one who took the shots. Scroll down below and be ready to be amazed.





It is worth noting that Ylinampa also works as a safari guide in Lapland. But during most of his time, he really spends it on taking pictures. His stunning capture of the Northern Lights gave him a huge following on social media. It was only a matter of time before people started to like his other photos.

The dancing Northern lights.

His love for photography started when he was still 15 years old. He was even hiking in Northern Lapland and Northern Norway that time. Since then, he has gradually widened his perspective about photographing and nature.

If you want to see more of Ylinampa’s works, check out his official Facebook and Instagram pages. Let us know what you think about him in the comments below!


Awesome World Map Shows Literal Translations of Every Country’s Name

Do you know the meaning of your country’s name?

Created by Australia-based company Credit Card Compare, this cool world map has recently been making rounds on the internet. The said map has sparked the interest of numerous netizens from across the globe as it featured literal translations of country names.

Of course, one thing we’ve immediately realized while looking at it is that certain factors are considered when it comes to naming countries – from geographical locations and wildlife, to popular persons, among many others.

You’ll see what that means as you scroll down below and see how the names turned out.

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Atheists Are More Generous To Christians Than Christians Are To Atheists, Study Claims

Contrary to negative stereotypes, some atheists are actually good people.

A new study conducted by researchers from Ohio University gives us an interesting insight about the difference between atheists and Christians in terms of behavior. Published in the Hournal of Experimental Social Psychology, the said study claims that atheists are a bit more generous towards Christians compared with the other way around.

Apparently, research participants played a version of the Dictator Game where they were asked to share monetary rewards with their partners – and this was the part where things took an interesting turn.

Atheists showed greater generosity towards Christians than the other way around.

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‘Phubbing’ Has Negative Impact To Your Romantic Relationship, Study Says

“Something as common as cellphone use can undermine the bedrock of our happiness – our relationships with our romantic partners.”

It’s something most of us, at some point, may have been guilty of. You know, pulling your phone out to entertain yourself when things get a bit boring – even while you are with other people.

In some instances, you may have even done that in the presence of your significant other. He or she probably wouldn’t mind, right? And you’re just checking for new messages anyway, right?

Well according to experts, “pphubbing” or “partner phone snubbing” is actually a terrible practice and can lead to negative consequences.

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