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Australian Hotel Gives You The Closest Encounter With Wildlife

Let’s just hope that millimeter-thin glass won’t break.


If you think that riding on a jeep along the safari gives you the opportunity to get close with animals, think again. This hotel in Australia gives you a wildlife experience like no other.

Located in the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge allows its guests to dine with lions, take relaxing baths with bears, feed giraffes from a treehouse, and wake up to the sight of sharks.

Well, not really THAT close, but what separates man and beast is only a millimeter-thick clear glass, so it’s pretty close.

Welcome to Canberra, Australia’s Jamala Wildlife Lodge.


Their rooms are designed with African-style accents and accessories.


It’s lavish. It’s stylish. It gives you an African vibe as if you are somewhere in the safari.



Don’t you wish you could stay in their pristine bathrooms?


Jamala may appear as just another African-inspired, stylishly decorated hotel, but the most special thing about this place is the chance to get close to animals.

In this treehouse, an unexpected visitor will show up hoping you’ll have some treats to spare.


That giraffe is still hoping to see someone who might actually share some treats.



This majestic King of All Beasts is staring at you while you dine at the hotel’s restaurant. Wouldn’t that be awesome?




When you wake up the next day, imagine these beautiful creatures greeting you.




This large bear is kind of curious about bubble baths.



They also have a lemur room to get a good view of these primates native to Madagascar.


Other amenities found in this place include a spa, garden, and a pool.


Of course, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge doesn’t offer all these amenities and accommodation without helping animals in return. The National Zoo & Aquarium supports different breeding programs to preserve these animals.

Among the residents of the hotel include lemurs, lions, hyenas, giraffes and the Malayan sun bear and Sumatran tiger, both of which are the main focus of the conservation project. All profits from the hotel will help fund the project.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a chance to stay in this great place?

H/T: Jamala Wildlife Lodge


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