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New Mom’s ‘Facebook Friends’ Sent Her a Mean Letter for Posting ‘Too Much’ Baby Updates.





Name one thing that people do first thing in the morning, and the last that they do at night. Ting! “Survey says…” I bet texting and browsing the internet will be among the top five answers.

In an era where almost all the information we need is just one click away, it’s easier to know what’s happening around us. And if you want to know what’s going on with your friends’ and families lives, particularly those you haven’t seen in ages, just browse through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you’ll be updated instantly. These social media websites were developed to help people stay in touch. They also serve as a channel where people can express their thoughts, no matter how ambiguous, nonsensical, or cruel those are sometimes. Uploading, downloading, and liking became a force of habit and MOST OF US are GUILTY of this.

While most people like to post about their whereabouts, latest escapades, hobbies, relationship or career problems, and even vexations, Jade Ruthven, a 33-year old dental hygienist from Perth, loves uploading pictures of her new baby, Addison and updating the world (her friends and family mostly) about her milestones.

Jade is a new mom who couldn’t help but share even the most minute detail she finds adorable about her baby on Facebook.


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Then one day, she found an envelope in her mail and saw a typed written letter inside. Unfortunately, some of her “friends” said that they’ve had enough of the constant “Addy-updates” they see on their wall. So, they sent her a very mean letter loaded with expletives and question marks…


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Jane said, “I was shaking with anger and shock to think a so call friend of mine could be so heartless and gutless to not even sign their name.”

“It’s like a slap in the face”, the first-time mom said.


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“These people clearly have too much time on their hands to sit down and chat about my Facebook usage. It’s quite sad really”, says Jade.


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Irked by the letter she received, Jade decided to send a copy to Australian writer-comedian Em Rusciano, who then posted the copy on her Facebook page for her thousands of followers to read. Here are some of her followers’ reactions:




Jade’s husband, Ryan, was also infuriated by the letter his wife received.

However, they just decided to laugh about it and consider it as a bad joke.


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According to Jane, although those people attempted to shame and isolate her, what they did actually just backfired.

“The support I received from family, friends and even total strangers has blown me away.”


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Yes I agree that there are several narcissistic people who crave for attention in the social media and it is often very annoying. But the thing is, nobody has the right to question a person’s intentions for posting whatever they posted unless they’re being mean or derogatory.

As with Jade Ruthven’s “friends”, although at least they did not post their letter of complaint online, they simply could have filtered their news feed and notifications, unfriend, or unfollow her if they just can’t handle her updates. Moreover, they could have talked to her about it instead of writing a heartless anonymous letter.

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