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This Natural Spring is Beautiful But The Large Holes Beneath it are Terrifying!





Are you a fan of diving and other extreme water sports? If so, then we think you’ll be interested to know that somewhere in Wimberley, Texas lies an intriguing swimming spot for adventure seekers.

Called Jacobs Well, this place is surrounded with lush greens, clear waters and deep caves. Staying at the edge of the cliff will make one think that plunging in means jumping into a never-ending abyss.

This is because Jacob’s Well has four underwater chambers. The first one is said to be 25 feet deep; the second is 35 feet and the third is 75 feet. The depth of the fourth chamber, however, remains unknown.


The beautiful surroundings and chill vibe of the place certainly do not reflect what’s in store for those to dare to dive.

“The underwater passageway is so narrow that the divers usually must temporarily remove their air tanks,” states AP.

Not all divers who dove deep into the waters were able to make it back to the surface. As per reports, the well has already claimed the lives of about nine people already.

Nonetheless, vacationers always have the choice not to dive. People of all ages, even dogs and other pets may take a dip in the natural spring and just enjoy the scene.

Watch the video below:

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It sure looks awesome and scary at the same time! Will you take the plunge if given the chance? Let us know in the comments box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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