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Photographer Hired to Capture Proposal on a Cliff Snapped a Different Couple By Mistake





Wedding photography has gone beyond taking snaps of the ceremony, the reception, and the preparation before the event. Now it also includes taking pictures of the proposal, the prenup shoot, and of course, the big day itself. This is why wedding photographers are very much in demand and they need to be more creative and very flexible when it comes to conceptualizing and taking great photos.

Photographer Jacob Peters was hired to capture a man’s proposal to his girlfriend, which will happen at a peak of a hiking trail. He did managed to take pictures of a couple’s proposal, but it was actually the wrong couple; another couple had the same idea and he didn’t know!

He woke up before sunrise and went on to hike in the Hawkbill Craig trail in Wisconsin. He agreed to meet there with the couple who called in earlier for his services. When he got to the place, he discovered that there was no phone signal, so he had no way to contact them and decided to just wait for them.

It was already 6:17 am when he saw a couple on the peak. He thought this was the couple he spoke with.

He waited and then he saw the guy pull out a ring and kneel in front of the woman.

Jacob then saw the woman cry and hug her man.

Jacob took pictures of the whole thing and was pleased to be able to do the job.

He packed up his stuff and hiked down. When he was able to get signal, he texted his client and told him that he was able to take beautiful pictures.

To his surprise, he received this reply: “I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us?”

So it turned out Jacob spent $40 in gas and food and spent six and a half hours on the whole venture to shoot around 450 photos…only to take pictures of the wrong couple! So he turned to Facebook for help in finding this couple so he can give the pictures to them. Fortunately, the netizens helped him with his problem and he was able to locate them. He was able to give them the awesome pictures!

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