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Bride With Awful Makeup Gets Help From Kind World-Class Photographer For Free

No bride should look awful during her big day.


Most women want to have a dreamy, fairytale-like wedding celebration that they would put on a lot of money just to look gorgeous on the big day. Why wouldn’t they? Marriage is supposed to be a big commitment and the memories of which should be treasured for a lifetime. But when bride Darika Klinkuhlab from Thailand didn’t meet her expectations during her wedding day, she was naturally upset.

Darika Klinkuhlab opted for a wedding package offered by a recently opened bridal shop near her home thinking it was more convenient than going to her regular beauty shop located quite far away.

During her big day, she went to the shop around noon and they had her wait for about three hours before they started working on her makeup. Worse, the result was awful and it was too late to redo everything as the wedding was scheduled at 4pm. Although disappointed with the result, the unhappy bride went through her wedding ceremony. She then took to Facebook to warn others about choosing a makeup artist and how one should be meticulous in doing so.

Darika and her groom had the worst makeup job for their wedding day.

It's obvious that the foundation didn't match their skin color.

Reportedly, it took three hours for the couple to be made up.

A redo could have been made but there was no time left.

The couple went on with their wedding anyway looking awful. This was a tragedy because wedding couples should look great, especially the bride, who should appear stunning during the big day. Apparently, that’s not what happened to Darika.

Her Facebook post, however, went viral and it reached Park Eun Young, a professional photographer based in Bangkok. Seeing her disastrous bridal look, Eun Young decided to contact Darika and told her she’s willing to do a reshoot with her own team. That meant Darika would get the opportunity to recreate her wedding day complete with elegant costumes, a hairdresser, a way better makeup artist and a professional photographer.

Darika was happy to know about the offer but she initially refused because Bangkok is too far from where she is — Chai Nat. However, she just received the surprise of her life when Park Eun’s team showed up in Chai Nat anyway. Darika got to have a reshoot after all — this time, the results are perfect!

Kind photographer Eun Young and her team decided to give Darika and her husband the photoshoot they deserve.

Just look at the big difference!

The bride absolutely looks gorgeous.

They also had a scenic background for their shoot.

Eun Young did an awesome job in showing Darika as the beautiful girl that she really is.

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