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At This Place in Italy, You Can Literally Walk on Water!





Somewhere in northern Italy, people can walk on water –thanks to the art installation by artists Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon and Christo Yavashev.

Called “Floating Piers,” the bright yellow floating pathway is made from plastic tubes that measure a total of three kilometers and serve to connect two small islands of Lake Iseo. The concept was not new; in fact, it started 46 years ago. Christo and his now-deceased wife Jeanne-Claude were tasked to build a floating bridge on Rio dela Plata. Unfortunately, Jeanne-Claude died in 2008 from brain aneurysm. This, however, didn’t stop Christo from pursuing their dream.

“We chose this lake because of its marvelous location, the islands reach hundreds of meters above the sea and only 2,000 people live there,” Christo told CNN.

The “Floating Piers” is an art installation made from bright yellow-colored plastic tubes.


It was conceived by Christo Yavashev and his late wife Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon.


The art installation didn’t last long as it was open to the public only from June 18 to July 3. According to Christo, this form of art should encourage people to enjoy the time of leisure walking while surrounded by nature. That time, the art installation was open to everyone without charge.

This floating pathway encourages people to walk and enjoy nature around them.


“Like all of our projects, The Floating Piers were absolutely free and open to the public,” Christo said. “There were no tickets, no openings, no reservations and no owners. The Floating Piers were an extension of the street and belonged to everyone.”

This art installation offers a once in a lifetime experience for tourists.


The piece of art only offers a once in a lifetime experience for all tourists.


After the exhibit, all materials used will be recycled.


“Our works are nomadic, just like people. They appear somewhere for a short time and then they are gone forever.”

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