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Italy Grows Impatient With Lockdown, Civil Disturbance Seems To Be Brewing




  • Videos have emerged showing how Italian nationals are becoming frustrated and aggressive due to the month-long lockdown that resulted to people losing money.
  • Hope and patience among Italians are running thin and people are fearing of a possible civil unrest.

Videos and photos circulating around social media have been showing locals in Italy becoming more frustrated and aggressive towards the uncertainties the coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought into the country. According to reports, some are fearing of a potential civil unrest if the nationwide lockdown continues much longer.

Although coronavirus cases have recently been dropping in Italy, reports are telling us that more people are going hungry and are losing their savings, resulting to aggressive reactions.

Case in point, one man became aggressive after failing from withdrawing cash in the ATM.

In Southern Italy, for instance, a man in Apulia called the cops when he cannot withdraw his mother’s pension – their only source of income. A civilian took a video which showed the man shouting at police officers, begging them to help him, telling them that they have no money, and they have no food. The mother also invited the policemen to come over to their house, so they can see that they have no food.

When hunger strikes

Another video went viral online, showing an Italian father with his young daughter eating bread. The man made the video message for Italy’s Prime Minister, saying that the lockdown has been 15 to 20 days and they have been inside and now they’re “out at our limit.”

He pointed at his child and warned:

“Like my daughter, other children in a few days won’t be able to eat this bit of bread. Rest assured, you will regret this because we’re going to have a revolution.”

A photo also has surfaced of supermarkets in Palermo in Sicily where residents were reported stealing food to feed themselves and their families. Some groups have also planned organizing raids in supermarkets, which was also posted on their social media.

Will kill for money

In the same video showed above, a man, sent a video message to Sky News , with him holding a gun and telling the viewers that he is offering his services as a hired killer.

In an interview, Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando said mafia or crime gangs are currently exploiting the current health crisis and the people’s hardship by inciting violence. He also warned of a possible “social emergency.”

“Discomfort and malaise are growing and we are recording worrying reports of protest and anger that is being exploited by criminals who want to destabilize the system,” Orlando said.

He also said that the longer the lockdown, the more resources will be exhausted and the “few savings” that Italian families will further run out.

“This tells us socio-economic issues will erupt,” he feared.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte allocated 25 billion euros to distribute financial support to families and businesses affected by the lockdown.

Majority of Italian nationals said they have yet to receive the assistance. Others, however, do not qualify because their employment status is not officially recorded in the government’s record.

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