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Italian Mayor Offers Cash Rewards to Those Who’ll Move to His Quaint Village

There have been a few takers so far.


One public servant in Italy is keen on restoring the glory of his idyllic little village. Italian Mayor Nicola Gatta has made an offer that might be hard to refuse. He’s giving away cash rewards of up to €2,000 ($2,350) to anyone who’s willing to relocate to the small village of Candela at the east coast of the Puglia region in Italy.

Candela was very popular in the 1990s. It was previously called “Little Naples” for its crowded streets that were full of life. But its popularity has drastically dropped in recent years. From a population of 8,000, there are now only an estimated 2,700 residents in Candela. The mayor fears the small village might one day turn into one of Italy’s numerous ghost towns.

Mayor Gatta hopes that the cash rewards on offer will entice Italians and foreigners to reside in his humble town.

The mayor told CNN Travel:

“I work each day with passion and commitment to bring Candela back to its ancient splendor. Up until the 1960s, travelers called it ‘Nap’licchie’ [Little Naples], for its streets full of wayfarers, tourists, merchants and screaming vendors.”

Millennials from Candela have reportedly left the town to work and live elsewhere.

Most of the residents left are the elderly. And so to boost Candela’s population, the mayor is offering €800 for singles, €1,200 for couples, €1,500 to €1,800 for three-member families, and €2,000 for families of four to five people. Of course, these rewards don’t come for free.

New residents of Candela are expected to be productive and to contribute to the village’s economy.

They can do so by renting or buying a house, as well as getting a job that should pay a salary of at least €7,500 per year. Gatta’s deputy, Stefano Bascianelli, explained:

“We don’t want people flocking here thinking they get to live off the town hall’s revenues. All new residents must work and have an income.”

Six families from northern Italy have permanently relocated, while five others have submitted their applications, according to reports.

What do you think of this offer? Would you be willing to move to Candela?


First Underwater Restaurant Extending To Sea Bottom To Be Built In Europe

After the underwater laboratories, tunnels and hotel rooms, now comes the first underwater restaurant to be built in Norway.

Everyone who has read or watched any sort of science fiction has probably thought about how cool it would be to live in an underwater facility. For the past couple of years, people have actually been trying to live that fantasy with the underwater labs, tunnels, and hotel rooms successfully extended under bodies of water. Most of these projects are in the United States and their success rates have opened other continents to experiment on their very own underwater structures.

Architects are continuously becoming creative when it comes to designing structures. From light and airy to damp and dark, they now make any location possible for habitat. European architects are now up for the challenge on putting up the continent’s very first underwater restaurant.

Prepare to book a reservation in Europe's first ever underwater restaurant

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10 Beautiful Places To Visit When In Italy

When it comes to the gorgeous places in Italy, the list could go on.

Italy is one of the prettiest countries in the world. The place is where you can find cities filled with captivating art, breathtaking coastlines, and stunning landscapes. You can even travel down the countryside and randomly come across exquisite scenes.

When it comes to the beautiful places in Italy, the list could go on. But here are 10 of them that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the boot-shaped country, according to Scott Balaam for the Global Grasshopper, who spent three years living there.

#1. Cinque Terre

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Tiny Island in Croatia Looks Like A Giant Fingerprint

What’s found on the island is more fascinating.

The Eastern European country of Croatia is known for its long coastline found on the Adriatic Sea. But the tiny island of Baljenac off the coast of Croatia is gaining some global attention in recent times because of the unique hand-constructed dry walls, which make the island appear like a giant fingerprint from above.

Located in the archipelago of Sibenik on the Dalmatian coast, the small island has a size of 1.4 square kilometers. The drywalls are measured at 23 kilometers and 357 meters. The construction of these walls is quite common in the history of Baljenac and what’s fascinating is that it didn’t require modern machines to make it happen.

This tiny island off the coast of Croatia looks like a giant fingerprint.

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