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Plus Size Woman was Told She Will Never Make It but Now She Models and Proved Them Wrong





In our society, women are so self conscious about how they look and how much they weigh. Several ladies feel that they need to lose weight even if they are already thin to begin with. We have a common thinking that skinny is beautiful, in style and fashionable.

Of course, it’s not healthy to be obese and overweight but it also doesn’t mean that being too skinny is healthy.

Maintaining a healthy figure can be very challenging as it connotes a lot of discipline such as every day exercise, healthy diet and lifestyle.


There are many women who are stick thin, most of the time they are the ones qualified in modelling and fashion. There’s nothing wrong to be very thin but not to the point of anorexia but being curvy is beautiful too; they look sexy on different outfits.

Women should embrace the way they look and be confident about it. What is important is that they are healthy and they can confidently carry themselves.

Most of the time fashion models are very thin and making it difficult for curvy women to get in the modelling industry, but it doesn’t mean that they are less beautiful and sexy.

This ‘plus size’ beauty got dropped by her first modeling agency as her hips were deemed “too big.”


Iskra Lawrence, a plus size model got dropped by the first modelling agency she applied for but this did not stop her to pursue her dream to become a model.

Iskra went modelling for American Eagle’s lingerie brand called Aeerie.

Aeerie, the lingerie company is promoting “The real you is sexy” where in they empower women to be confident and feel good about themselves and not be stuck with their insecurities.

When Iskra was asked about her experiences being body shamed in the fashion industry,

She said,

“ I had a hard time. I was a healthy size, I was a swimmer when I was younger, so I was very toned, but I wasn’t big enough to be ‘plus’. When I was 13 and 16 years old, they measured my hips every time I went into the agency and they told me, ‘our girls have 34-inch hips, yours are 36—this isn’t going to work.’ So then I did desperate things like just eating slices of ham for a week. Then I was told if you pad up and put on two dress sizes, you’ll work more. Even now I know I would work more if I put on a couple dress sizes, but I’m not going to do that.

You feel so vulnerable. And that’s when I started researching health and fitness and training not to be skinny but to be strong. I’m four years into that now. I never do last-minute dieting or working out before shoots because I try to be healthy all the time. I do lots of high-intensity training, things like burpees and jumping rope, to get my heart rate up, and I love heavy weights—squats, lunges, using the leg press machine. I like to lift heavy since that’s what my body responds well to.”

Iskra Lawrence, shared that she thought “she wasn’t good enough” until Aeerie invited her to be a model and part of their campaign. According to Iskra, Aeerie told her that she’s beautiful and appreciating oneself is more important; there’s no need for retouch, Photoshop and editing because loving the real you is so much attractive and gorgeous.

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The concept is unusual than the norm, because majority of the fashion industry have size 0 -2 models but in Aeerie, they have models “too big” for the normal fashion standards which is realistic because women have different sizes from small to extra large.

All women regardless of size are beautiful and sexy, we have our own beauty and talent and we should not measure ourselves according to the norm or perception of other people.

What can you say about being skinny and curvy? How do you define beauty? Share us your thoughts!

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