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Five Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants To Experience In The World

The best food can sometimes be found in the most surprising places, some as high as 3000 feet and others in unused movie sets. Wherever you may be, the experience of eating good food always comes with the location of the restaurant.


When you think about restaurants, you always keep in mind about how the food will be. Is it going to be good? Is it going to be worth your money? Will the ambiance be courteous? Or in a total sense, you want your trip to a restaurant to be all together always at its best. But not a lot of people talk about the environment, or what they see outside their windows while they are munching down on their food. Truth is, the food is as appetizing as the environment that it is in.

If you want to experience something totally brand new when it comes not only to your palates but also to your eyes then let us show you five restaurants that are situated in some of the most unlikely places. And yes, don’t worry they also have really good food.

#1. El Diablo – a restaurant on a dormant volcano, surrounded by the fire mountains.

From the name of the restaurant itself, you could already feel your palates firing up. El Diablo is situated on a volcano that has been dormant since 1824. Your food will be cooked with the help of the volcano’s still hot pits and you can even have a tour before you start on your feast! How about that?

#2. The Green Dragon Inn – a restaurant that looks like something out of The Lord of The Rings films.

Source: The Editors

Are you a fan of Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit? Well, this is the place for you. The Green Dragon Inn is located in the surreal town of Hobbiton. Hobbiton has some of the most unique and amazing panorama with its lush green farmlands and fresh air.

#3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – which looks surreal under the blue waters of the Maldives surrounded by the a beautiful ecosystem.

Source: Conrad Hotel

The name of the restaurant already explains itself. Yes, you will be dining under the sea and no, your food will not get wet. The restaurant, which is like a clear glass igloo will show you the wonders of the sea. While you are eating your food, you will be able to observe sharks and fishes in their most natural habitat.

#4. Stratosfare – overlooking Lake Wakatipu of Queenstown, giving its diners a beautiful and breathtaking panoramic view.

Source: gracethang2

It is located up high and has seemingly one of the most beautiful panoramic view of the city of Queenstown, New Zealand. Lake Wakatipu of Queenstown is amazing and beautiful in itself but seeing it from the windows of Stratosfare is breathtaking.

#5. Restaurant Le 3824 – overlooking the snowy alps of the mountains.

Well the restaurant is situated 3,842 ft up in the mountains and it will serve you with the best scenic view of the sky and the mountains that surrounds it.


Progreso Port in Yucatan Mexico, the Longest Pier in the World

The world’s longest port looks like a bridge from above.

Progreso is a port city in Yucatan, Mexico and it boasts of the longest pier in the planet. Made of reinforced concrete, it is 6.5 kilometers extending out into the Gulf of Mexico. From another angle, the pier can pass as a bridge because of its length. Unlike most piers, Progreso is unusually long to allow large cargo ships to dock in the area since the Yucatan coast is pretty shallow. The passengers disembark at the far end and just take a shuttle or a taxi to town.

Progreso Port as photographed by NASA.

The port looks like a long bridge when viewed from above.

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The Amazing Medieval Walls of the Ancient City of Avila

Behold! The amazing centuries-old, still intact walls of Avila.

Located in central Spain is the city of Avila. It’s found in the community of Castile and Leon, and is also the capital of the Province of Avila. The city is popularly known as The Town of Stones and Saints and is about 100km from the city of Madrid.

Avila is known for its medieval city walls built in 1090.

Source: Never House
The walls are 40 feet high and 10 feet thick and are made of stones and granite.

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The Legend of the Most Perfect Devil’s Bridge in the World, the Rakotzbrucke!

Throughout the world, there are so called Devil's Bridges most of which are found in Europe. In France alone, it is believed that there are 49 Devil's bridges throughout the country. But one Devil's bridge found in Azalea and Rhododendron Park, Kromlau, Germany stands out because of its mystical perfect shape and reflection - the Rakotzbrucke bridge.

But first, what are devil's bridges? Are they named such because the devil built them? Well actually these bridges are named like that because people believe that these bridges have a devil-related myth or folktale. One characteristic feature of devil's bridges is that most of them are made of stone with distinct masonic arches. Many of them were built somewhere between 1000 and 1600 AD.

Behold the Rakotzbrucke, the perfect devil's bridge!

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