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30 Photos Showing How Long It Took For People To Go From Skinny To Ripped

People have seen photos of awesome and inspiring weight loss transformations, hoping to encourage others that achieving your body goal is possible with determination and hard work. That’s not to say that skinny people can’t get ripped – because they can.

These 30 photos only prove that skinny people can also achieve transformations. They also show how long it took for them to get ripped.

#1. 3 years to get that

#2. 6 Months, 24 Years Old, From 137lbs To 160lbs

#3. “After having 3 surgeries, I finally got back to doing what I love… Back in the gym and playing football. One month apart”

Source: Karl Tucker
#4. “From 42 kg To 53 Kk. When I first started working out, I just transformed my obsession for food into an obsession for fitness and ‘living healthy.'”

Source: cori.mant
#5. 45 years old, father-of-three, body transformation in 3 months

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