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This Guy Built A Working Iron Man Gauntlet That Fires Real Rocket… OMG, I Want One!





If you remember the inventor Patrick Priebe who invented dangerous things like the electromagnetic harpoon gun he created. This time he went full Tony Stark with an Iron Man gauntlet that fires an actual rocket-propelled projectile.

If you’re wondering if this is fake. Nope its not. Patrick Priebe, aka Youtuber Anselmofanzero, was infamous for building custom props from games and movies and adding powerful lasers and other assorted bits of tech to them. His latest creation is the Iron Man Gauntlet.

The gauntlet doesn’t just light up and feature rocket launcher mechanism, as you can see in the video below, it actually fires a real rocket-propelled projectile as well. As if that wasn’t enough, Priebe also added a palm laser which is strong enough to burn materials and pop balloons. The inventor decided not to share instructions on how to make one yourself, perhaps due to the fact that it’s extremely dangerous that he managed to burn himself pretty bad with a test fire of the prop shown at the end of the video.

It might not be as awesome as Iron Man’s rockets in the movies, but it’s still very impressive and crazy at the same time.

Watch the Video:

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