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30 Inspiring Elderly Students Who Showed Us The Value of Education





Remember how our parents used to lecture us about the importance of school when we were younger? We probably didn’t give it much thought back then but we’ve probably developed greater appreciation of that advice as we grew older. Besides, having a good education can often be the key to opening opportunities in the real world. As Benjamin Franklin once put it, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

The unfortunate fact, however, is that not everyone gets the chance to go to school as children. It happens everywhere for different reasons and so it’s really heartwarming when we see grown adults, especially those in their golden years, making the decision to still pursue education later in their lives. These people are truly inspiring and our hats are off for them. Indeed, they’ve proven that age should never be an obstacle when it comes to reaching one’s dreams.

Check out the amazing photo compilation below and see for yourself:

1. This 98-year-old man was drafted in World War II back in the days. Now he finally graduated from high school.
2. At long last!

“Margaret Thome Bekema, 97, never graduated from Grand Rapids Catholic Central High in 1936 like she was supposed to. Instead, in 1932, she was forced to leave school to take care of her siblings and her mother who was sick with cancer. However, thanks to a distant relative, Bekema recently received an honorary diploma, just 79 years after she was supposed to graduate.”

3. “72 years after being forced into an internment camp during WWII, This couple received their high school diplomas.”
4. 77-year-old grandmother graduates with her PhD. She’s the oldest graduate from the university.
5. 92-year-old graduate with his classmates.
6. Congratulations!
7. She received a standing ovation when she got up the stage.
8. 94 and officially a law school graduate.
9. This 71-year-old dad just graduated and his sons are thrilled.
10. Goal officially achieved.
11. 55-year-old mom graduates from law school in the US – 33 years after immigrating from Venezuela.
12. “Me and my dad (25, And 51) just graduated college in the same class!
13. 72-year-old dad finally graduates – and with honors, too!
14. He graduated twice. Congrats, pops!
15. Single mom of 5 poses for a law school graduation pic. Amazing!
16. 93-year-old WWII veteran now got his high school diploma.
17. If she can do it, we can do it too.
18. At 87, she became East Tennessee State University’s oldest graduate.
19. Mother and son graduate together.

This is my mom and older brother. I am extremely proud of both of them. I am especially proud of my mom. She is a mother of 8 and managed to go back to school while working full time. She inspires me and everyone around her to work hard and never give up . I hope this will show others that it is never too late to back to school.

20. “I’m 65 and just graduated college. You’re never too old to learn.”
21. “Today, my 62-year-old immigrant grandmother graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance today from CSUF.”
22. She’s graduating with PhD in Social Work. Happy for you, mom!
23. 81-year-old man happily earns his Bachelor’s Degree from CSU.
24. “Me and my mom, 49 years old, graduated nursing school together.”
25. 91-year-old and now a high school graduate. He joined the Navy back in 1945.

26. This grandma, now 73, just graduated from high school.
27. “Both my mom and I are graduating today.”
28. Awesome indeed!

“My mum just graduated with a first class honours degree after leaving school at sixteen to have me, and being diagnosed dyslexic as an adult, and I think that’s pretty awesome.”

29. “My mom with my step dad after she graduated with her PhD.”
30. She’s 69 and she’s officially an MSU graduate.

As these inspiring people have shown us all, it’s definitely never too late to learn and reach for our dreams.

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