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The Water Bottle-Flipping Skills of These Guys are Totally Insane!

How is that even possible?!?


All of us have skills. Some skills can save the world and do mankind a huge favor. Some skills may look shallow compared to, say, negotiating for world peace or doing brain surgery. But it doesn’t that these skills are totally worthless, because they serve as material for awesome YouTube videos! How is that important, you ask. Well, in the middle of the day when you’re already tired and bored from doing your service to the universe, you need these videos to perk you up and get you going!

This video of a group of guys showing their insane skills in flipping water bottles is a prime example.

They throw those bottles around whenever, wherever and somehow those damn bottles always land on their bottom, in the most unlikely places!

We’re talking about balcony ledges, up in the basketball ring or the lamp post…these guys are relentless!

Check out this awesome video and see what I mean!

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Teen Cancer Survivor Wows Judges and Audience With Her Spectacular Performance

She’ s cancer free and the message she’s singing has everyone cheering!

She even got the much-coveted golden buzzer – from Simon Cowell, no less!

This is, without a doubt, the most inspiring thing I’ve seen on TV talent search shows in years.

If you’ve been following America’s Got Talent, then we’re sure you’re already familiar with Calysta Bevier, the shorthaired girl with a fantastic voice who, according to her own story, is a cancer survivor.

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Animator Dad Turns His Kids Into Superheroes Using Special Effects

Best dad ever? You bet!

Every boy dreams of being a superhero. Heck, I seriously wanted to be one when I was younger. Together with my cousin, we came up with elaborate plans of creating masks and costumes so we can defend other kids from school bullies, in between our classes. We’d wear our costumes under our school clothes or keep them in our bags.

Fortunately, those plans never materialized. Crime-fighting is only fun when seen in a cartoon or a movie. I’m sure things wouldn’t end well for both me and my cousin if we pursued that in real life.

Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto makes short YouTube videos featuring his kids as superheroes.

action movie kid 5

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Hot Personal Trainer and Groomsmen Showed Up at Bride’s House Dressed as Spartan Warriors

Weddings have become so much interesting now, thanks to the antics of guests, the bridal party, or even the couple themselves. As far as the groom and his groomsmen go, this raises the bar really high.

The 25-year old Lee, who is a personal trainer and former commando, started his wedding day with bride Elsa by giving the lady a glorious sight to behold - he and his 8 groomsmen clad in nothing but skimpy warrior skirts, capes, and gladiator sandals. The ab-tastic display is a nod to the hot Spartan warriors of the film 300.

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