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Indian Bride Notices Groom Was Balding, Cancels Entire Wedding

That is one hell of a comeback, though.


Marriage is not an easy thing. This is why many couples take years to decide before tying the knot. Apparently, an Indian doctor’s experience says otherwise. He had to literally marry a complete stranger after his first (supposedly) bride left him at the altar. And her reason? Well, he was balding.

Ravi Kumar had to travel more or less 1,000 km from New Delhi to the village of Sugauli in Bihar just to marry a woman he had never ever met. It was his family who arranged the wedding a year in advance, just after the girl’s father stayed at Dr. Kumar’s home three times.

Dr. Kumar’s first bride-to-be left him after she found out he was balding.

Source: Bhaskar

The big day went as planned, as guests enjoyed the feasts and joined the couple in celebration. According to one of the guests, it was a day filled with “happy atmosphere.” The newly-wed even completed the famous garland exchange ritual. However, disaster arrived the moment the procession took place at the wedding pavilion where the couple would make their vows.

The moment Dr. Kumar removed his ceremonial headpiece, the bride-to-be was in deep shock. She never expected the neurosurgeon to be balding. Not only did she refuse to marry him, she took the whole ceremony into chaos.

Despite the traumatizing experience, Ravi decided to get married with a complete stranger instead.

Source: Bhaskar
Unfortunately, the new bride appears to be less impressed by the situation.

Source: Bhaskar

Both of the families tried rigorously to convince the girl to change her mind and proceed with the wedding ceremony. Alas, she did not and went on her way out.

Determined to return home married – and because he traveled miles far from home – Dr. Kumar decided to marry a different woman. And this lady is a complete stranger to him and his family. She is the daughter of a poor vegetable seller.

At the end of the day, Dr. Kumar was glad to have salvaged his year-planned wedding.

The pair tied the knot at the Ramjanki Temple where the two exchanged vows in front of Dr. Kumar’s family. The wedding took place two days after his supposed bride left and aborted the ceremony.

Still, Dr. Kumar was happy to have salvaged the wedding. Unfortunately for the new bride, she appeared to be less impressed with the sudden marriage.


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