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6 Types of Clothing You Should Never Wear to the Office

The office is a great place to display your awesome fashion and style sense. Just make sure you’re doing it right.


The modern working woman is quite lucky. Her work wear is no longer confined to uncomfortable power suits just so she can get the same respect she deserves when at the office. These days, she can go to work wearing just about anything she likes. She can even wear jeans, depending on her job of course!

There are, however, certain pieces of clothing that any sane career woman should never, ever wear to the workplace regardless of her job description. If you’re a newbie at the workplace, here are six pieces you should keep out of your closet:

1. Leggings

Leggings (including sweatpants or yoga pants) and the office just don’t mix. Unless you happen to be a personal trainer, gym or yoga instructor, then you shouldn’t even think of wearing leggings to the office. They’re either too tight or sheer at certain places that you would risk having an embarrassing moment when you make one wrong bend.

2. Sheer clothing


Apart from the fact that it’s just tacky, wearing anything sheer that shows of your undergarments is just not right. More so if you have an important meeting to attend to. According to WhoWhatWear, sheer clothing is definitely inappropriate for the office. Remember that you’re going for the professional look and not like you’re heading out for drinks with your squad.

3. Flip-flops

Source: Wolf G

Unless you happen to work as a lifeguard, then wearing flip-flops to the office is a big no-no. While a tank top and a sundress may pass as office wear, flip-flops don’t. This holds true for rank and file employees to even senior managers. The sound of your flip-flops against the floor will annoy others and it just sends out the signal that you’re not looking for a promotion. Try flats or sandals instead.

4. Heels higher than 3 inches

Source: sea turtle

Before heading out of the house, check your shoes. Any pair of heels above 3 inches makes you look more like you’re heading to the club for a night out than the office. Plus, if you have trouble walking in heels, it might not be a good idea to strut into the office wearing stilettos.

5. A body-con dress

A body-hugging dress can be considered one of the most powerful accessories of any woman. But anything too tight to wear to work, however, is another story. There’s a more appropriate time and place to wear your body-con dresses and their not to the meeting room. You can opt for shift or wrap dresses where it hugs your waist but not too skintight.

6. Graphic tees

Source: Jzee

There used to be a time when graphic tees were all the rage. Just about everywhere you go, you’d see someone wearing a graphic tee. Wearing it to the office these days isn’t appropriate though. Wearing a shirt that has drug paraphernalia, sexual innuendo or statements such as “don’t take me seriously” will not only make you look tacky, it might get you a suspension from your boss or the HR, too.


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