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6 Countries Where Workers Get The Longest Lunch Breaks In The World





Lunch is reputedly the most important meal of the day. It replenishes the energy spent in the morning and provides us with enough power to last the day. However, with the busyness of today’s world, many people take their lunch breaks for granted.

Lunch break in the United States seems to be a forgotten concept. However, some countries are serious about the importance of lunches and choose to take long breaks in middays. Allow us to give you a virtual tour of the countries with the most extended lunch breaks.

1. Spain – 3 hours

Source: Pixabay

Lunch breaks in Spain were formed by tradition. The glorious three-hour break by the Spaniards stemmed from the long-standing tradition of “siesta,” which is typically a nap in the afternoon. Between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m., companies allow their workers to take their breaks. It is during these times that the temperature is too high to work comfortably, hence it is better to rest.

2. Greece – 3 Hours

Source: Pixabay

Greeks have the utmost respect for meals. They are known for taking a long time enjoying their lunch. They usually leave the office at 2 pm, chow down a hearty meal and then take a nap. They go back to their office at 5pm to continue their work.

3. France – 2 Hours

Source: Pixabay

In the food-loving country of France, lunch breaks run for about two hours. The shops and boutiques are typically closed from 2pm to 4pm, to allow workers to have their lunch. Even the school kids enjoy this long midday breaks.

4. China – 2 Hours

Source: Pixabay

One of the newest countries to adapt to the longer lunch breaks, China allows their workers to have lunch from 12pm to 2pm. Factory workers are encouraged to take a 30-minute nap.

5. Brazil – 2 Hours

Source: Pixabay

Brazilians are the experts in making the most of their lunch breaks. They set-up a meeting outside the office before lunch, then continue with their two-hour lunch break. To compensate for it, they also finish work late.

6. Italy – 90 Minutes

Source: Pixabay

The standard lunch break in Italy is an hour and a half. It may be the shortest lunch break on the list but is still unheard of in many countries, especially in the US.

Lunch break is not just about enjoying the food, it is also about giving our brains time to rest. So make sure you don’t skip it, for your own well-being and to ensure productivity at work.

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