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9 Disturbing Illustrations That Perfectly Depict What Has Become Of The World Today





The world has undergone so many drastic changes over time, yet it continues to evolve as if there is so much more to diversify. Sadly, most of the notable changes are those that seem degradable and unfortunate to the society. It seems as if simple, positive, and healthy are being swayed as time advances. If these things keep going on, we can only hope for the best for the upcoming generations.

Artist Luis Quiles depicts the most disturbing yet real problems of our society at present. The images are thought-provoking, somehow disturbing and unfortunately, genuine. It will make you think how the world has become a totally different dimension in an instant due to the many influences emerging here and there. We suggest you indulge in the pics, analyze the message, and reflect the realness of these things.

Here are the nine most disturbing realities of our time:

#1. The forceful feeding of the glorious fast food


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

In today’s generation, people especially students and families are lured by the attractiveness of fast food. Not because they are sumptuous or delectable, but because they are cheap and convenient. Can you imagine how much junk we put inside our bodies everyday with these types of food? Makes us want to throw up, really.

#2. Freedom of expression is not free at all


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

Free-flowing thoughts expressed through different media are apparently censored and the consequences of deviating from this norm is quite tragic. People who are vocal about their opinions are condemned, bullied, and sometimes threatened.

#3. Females – the ultimate tool of the egoistic males


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

Females are being used as an object of attention for dominant males and sadly, teenage girls are diving in. Indeed, the youth has gone wild.

#4. Abs and brands are everything


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

People nowadays think that wearing branded clothes, possessing the latest model of iPhone, and having the perfect physique are the most essential things in life. These people showcase themselves through different platforms, most rampantly in social media to show off and somehow ‘sell’ themselves to the public. It is such a shame how shallow people can get these days, and although they are annoying, we pity them.

#5. Religious institutions are becoming filthy rich by the minute


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

Religious groups continue to grow their profit yet the people remain hungry, poor, and sinful. Alright, forget about the hunger and poverty because these are quite relative to the person’s efforts to thrive, but what about spiritual growth and enrichment? We don’t think most people have fulfilled inner beings and genuine good hearts so how do these religious institutions impart the word of God?

#6. The storm called social media


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

When likes, comments, and shares become more essential than reading books and spending time with the family. Yup, that’s today’s generation. We cannot believe how social media has turned the world upside down and we do not understand how people can ever exhibit such crazy craving for media attention. We know there is some kind of sociological theory behind this but isn’t it too much? And with the rise of new technologies, don’t you think such modern addiction can be fueled all the more?

#7. The true effect of nonsense wars


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

The truest victims of unnecessary feuds between the government, countries, rebels, and military are the children. They say the children are our future but with the present showcase of violence, we don’t think that can be possible anymore.

#8. Tongues have price tags


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

In today’s generation, one can use his/ her tongue to make money. Some are forced to speak out about the things that can benefit the greedy and rich. Sadly, powerful people can rent the tongues of the meek for a few bucks.

#9. Death by drugs


Photo credit: Luis Quiles Artworks

Drug addiction has become rampant now, more than ever. This is because many people have grown weary and unsatisfied with their lives that they resort to the temporary high of illicit drugs. The pill they think could save their life is the very lethal weapon that can take it away too. Ironic but true.

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H/T: Luis Quiles Artworks

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